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Healthcare Automation

HIPAA-Secure Customer Experience Automation™ for Healthcare

  • Elevate member and patient experiences
  • Make it easier for business customers/partners to do business with you
  • Augment live interactions to reduce staff burden and operating costs
  • Support better health and wellness
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What is Healthcare Automation?

HIPAA-Secure Customer Experience Automation™ for Healthcare

Healthcare automation is the strategic use of software to create repeatable, cross-channel capabilities in support of common tasks within business and consumer journeys across the health sector.

Automation enables better customer experiences, ensures data integrity and timely data capture, and augments live interactions for cost savings and reduction of staff burden.

Healthcare automation can provide support across the health ecosystem from patients, members, employees, physicians, pharmacists, clinical teams, employer groups, brokers and consultants, payers, and more.

Healthcare Automation Use Cases

Platform flexibility to support entire healthcare journeys

A small sampling of journey phase and micro-engagement™ examples are shown below

Ushur supports our customers and their end customers (B2B and B2C) through the entire healthcare journey. With our no code platform, we allow companies to rapidly build and deploy automations for use cases utilizing citizen developers who do not need programming or engineering experience.
Sales, Enrollment, Retention
Member Service
Quality, Health & Wellness
Open enrollment announcements and reminders
Medicaid retention and redetermination
Benefits selection decision support
Benefit change overviews (i.e., ANOC)
Cross-sell & up-sell
Age-in & age-out notifications with education and WIIFM
Sales appointment scheduling and rescheduling (new business and renewal)
Ongoing announcements of available benefits throughout the year (adoption and retention)
Census file exchange
Call deflection for top call drivers
Intelligent email automation
Digital registration/onboarding
Member warm welcome
Proactive ID card pushes
Member ID card uploads
Complex surveys (i.e., health risk assessments, SDOH, CAHPS)
Portal & app adoption/utilization
Ongoing announcements of benefit support throughout the year (adoption and retention)
Change in family circumstances
Prior authorization support
Information updates, ex. address change, beneficiaries
Wellness/chronic condition support & education (i.e., closing HEDIS gaps in care, care plan adherence)
Provider selection/change
Provider steerage/referral management support (all provider types)
Telemedicine access/appointments
Emergency room diversion
Pre- and post-discharge engagement/education
Preventative care education
Medication adherence support (i.e., MTM, 90 day fills, mail order, brand to generic)
Prior authorization support
Appointment setting/ reminders (all types)
Proactive EOB explainer education (helpful when out of pocket amounts are unexpected)
Inquiries (claim status, EOB explanations, eligibility, etc.)
Claims status tracker
Proactive status notifications
Cost transparency support
Data collection to enable straight-through processing
Coordination of benefits

Ushur for Healthcare Automation in Action

Warm Member Welcome

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Complex Survey - Social Determinant of Health

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Medication Adherence Support via Prescription Refills

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Medicaid Redetermination

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Durable/Disposable Medical Equipment Re-Order

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Biopharma Clinical Trial Support

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Diabetes Care Management

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HIPAA-Secure Customer Experience Automation™ for Healthcare

A guide to enhancing member and patient experiences, reducing staff burden and positively impacting your bottom line.
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Features of Ushur's CXA Platform for better healthcare automation


Enable healthcare companies to have two-way conversations in a secure channel. Invisible App™, Invisible Portal™ and SmartMail give companies and patients secure channels to make data pulls and pushes of PHI and PII in a HIPAA-secure platform. Now members and patients can opt-in for appointment reminders, reschedule their appointments and quickly interact with member or patient services from any device.

Omni-channel platform

Omni-channel patient engagement policies require the ability for patients to self-service over any channel. AcrossFrom an IVR, to SMS, WhatsApp, chatbots, and more, patient experiences require accurate information and flexible conversations. Ushur gives healthcare companies flexibility and patients the opportunity to engage with them in their preferred channel.

No-code platform

Our true no-code drag and drop builder enables IT teams to give non-technical users the tools to quickly build and deploy automation solutions. Repetitive tasks that consume the time and effort of critical personas who could otherwise focus on improving patient experiences can be automated–allowing workers to focus on providing elevated customer experiences. Ushur lowers the total cost of ownership and cuts the time to value for any automation project.

Ease of integration

Fully automating processes in the healthcare ecosystem requires a platform that can integrate with front and back-end systems for both pushing and pulling data. Critical systems (like CRM, EMR/EHR, dispensing, claims, and more) represent significant investments by healthcare companies. Thanks to the Ushur platform’s integration capabilities and API-driven design, healthcare companies can automate any healthcare process with a platform that sits on top of your existing infrastructure–adding automation and intelligence between your customer and backend data stores.

Speed to value

Go-live in weeks, not months or years. The Ushur No Code builder, paired with Ushur’s unparalleled implementation team, enables healthcare companies to go live in a matter of weeks. For more rapid implementations needed urgently, Ushur has prepackaged solutions with workflows pre-built to get healthcare companies up and running as quickly as possible. See a quicker time to value that can be measured in months, not years.

Low total cost of ownership

Lower the total cost of ownership by expanding the teams and personas who are capable of building automation solutions. Customer and patient experiences that can be built and designed by more than IT teams alone are cheaper to create and maintain, and save on expenses associated with finding developer resources and AI experts. The no-code flowbuilder and pre-built capabilities within the platform increase efficiency and make expansion projects simple.

Omnichannel user experience

Improve patient and customer experiences with mobile-optimized omni-channel user experience (UX). Modern UX has quickly become the base standard for all customer-facing applications, but is difficult to build, optimize, and support for all channels (sms, email, voice, chatbot, etc.) without deep technical expertise. Ushur customer experiences are a build-once and deploy-everywhere solution so patients can text message or call a healthcare company, and they can support those channels efficiently.

Health insurance prospecting

Differentiate your customer and patient experience in prospecting efforts with the highest quality and easiest-to-build health insurance claims process possible. Health insurance companies need to build, update, and refine their claims processes so companies can build loyalty as the carriers their customers trust most. Use the Ushur CXA platform to be easier to do business with.

Results we have driven for our customers

The results are in. Ushur delivers immediate benefits for our customers.

of digital engagement goal achieved in Medicaid population
response to information requests via SMS (90% in an hour), eliminating 6 calls over 3 weeks
3 week
from contract to go-live for a large medicaid client
per member cost removed by replacing paper enrollment invitations with email
increase in prospect sales meeting attendance through an automated reminder
1 minute
instead of 27 hours and 3 touches to classify and route inbound email
lift in broker NPS by offering members a digital enrollment experience
<1 hour
to create an alert to warn >80k customers of an impending emergency with information on how to get help and resources
inbound calls eliminated by offering proactive status updates
outbound calls replaced with automated conversations, saving $Ms in operating expense
campaigns live within a customer's second month
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Safety and compliance

Secure data exchange of patient data, electronic health records (EHR) and medical records is paramount to your healthcare organization and your customers. The Ushur Platform is built around security and compliance as a key pillar. Our SOC2 certified, HITRUST compliant, HIPAA-secure platform enables secure data pulls and pushes between your customers and your backend data stores.

Security & Compliance


HIPAA-Secure Customer Experience Automation™ for Healthcare

A guide to enhancing member and patient experiences, reducing staff burden and positively impacting your bottom line.
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The Ushur Product Suite for every Healthcare Journey

Invisible App™

Deliver dynamic functionalities like location services, scheduling, and image uploading via a fully branded, secure app-like interface--no need for your customers to download an app or your developers to build one.
Invisible App™

Conversational Apps™

Support your customers 24/7 with automated two-way texting powered by conversational AI. Handle both inbound and outbound requests and both simple and complicated service interactions with an industry savvy bot.
Conversational Apps™


Automatically process, classify and route thousands of incoming emails in usut a few seconds. Respond to and resolve issues rapidly and eliminate the countless hours and manpower wasted by manual organization and document review.

Invisible Portal™

Aggregate self-service for your brokers, providers, and other businesses you interact with via a customized single pane portal-like interface. From address updates to census and other file uploads to sending and verifying patient information--collect each experience in a HIPAA-secure interface without having to build or modify a traditional portal.
Invisible Portal™

Healthcare FAQs

How does Ushur simplify healthcare information and documentation gathering?

Ushur Invisible App™ and Ushur Invisible Portal deliver HIPAA-secure channels for healthcare companies to push and pull information and documentation. Invisible App delivers all of the capabilities of a smartphone’s native mobile app, but without the complexity of doing mobile app development, and without a customer needing to download and upkeep an app. As a result, Invisible App™ makes it easy to deliver information to customers as well as launch responsive surveys which can be used to better understand populations, and offer support and education based on answers provided. Data, and even documents, can be collected, then pushed into back-end systems. They can even be sent to clinical teams for immediate follow up.

What is unique to Ushur’s approach to experience automation?

Ushur’s approach to experience automation delivers live, two-way interactions with HIPAA-secure digital self-service support. Information can be pushed or pulled to proactively educate and deliver support, and members, patients and even business customers can reach into a healthcare organization through Ushur for service and support they need. Ushur can even serve as a bridge between existing portals and apps to get people to the exact information they’re looking for.

How does Ushur change member and patient communication strategies for healthcare companies?

Ushur enables healthcare companies to quickly and easily launch customer communications via omnichannel digital self-service to support education and awareness, and securely gather information (including documentation) along the way. Ushur can even serve as a bridge between existing portals and apps to get people to the exact information that needs to be shared and bolster adoption.

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