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Reduce response times for customers and reduce costs while boosting resolution by automating the digital channel customers prefer most
  • Automated two-way communications
  • AI-powered
  • Build long-term customer retention and expand business opportunities
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Ushur for Automated Email Triage

For customers, there is nothing more frustrating than firing off an urgent request and then waiting and hearing nothing back for days or ever. And no agent looks forward to dealing with irate customers because a customer had no wait days or weeks for a response.

With Ushur SmartMail™ for automated email triage, emails are automatically scanned, categorized and routed to the correct service department while providing customers automated responses that are personalized with Conversational AI. Utilizing SmartMail, eliminate your backlog instantly, giving your agents the time to prioritize high-value, high-touch engagements, and show your customers you care about them and are on it. Happy customers and happy agents equal a happy business.
of customers are reached, whose needs can be addressed in real-time
months from ideation to production
FTE work equivalent saved
cash breakdowns processed per month

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Irish Life Email Routing Software Transformation

Learn how Ushur SmartMail can help businesses improve their customer service by ensuring that emails are automatically directed to the most appropriate team member, reducing response times and enhancing customer satisfaction.

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The Ushur Platform for Sales Enablement

A product to meet end-to-end automation


Leverage the power of conversational AI and workflow orchestration to engage customers in two-way conversations, while using customer data, to quickly complete tasks with back-office dependencies

Case Studies for Automated Email triage

Irish Life took a fresh look at customer engagement


Irish Life needed to improve the efficiency of handling customer emails that required indexing and forwarding to appropriate departments. Irish Life's email-triage team would classify the emails based on Key Business Indicators (KBIs) and forward them to relevant operations areas. The process took an average of 2.5 days to resolve each query. Irish Life wanted to reduce the response time and improve the accuracy of indexing emails.


By implementing Ushur's conversational AI technology, along with their SmartMail™ solution for email classification, Irish Life was able to auto-triage 70% of its incoming emails with an accuracy rate of 95%, improving response time and requiring fewer resources.
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The carrier automates over 70,000 text messages to engage with 25,000 claimants each month to retrieve the critical dates needed to process and pay claims.
Ken LynchDirector of IT
Irish Life
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The Power of Email for a Rewarding Customer Experience

Discover why nearly 80% of people communicate with their service providers via email and how insurance, healthcare, and financial services organizations can benefit from further evolving email as a channel.
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Benefits of the Ushur Platform for Email Management

Create convenience for customers and optimize support operations

According to Forrester Research, email is the #1 digital channel consumers use when contacting a service provider, yet only 35% of companies reply quickly enough to meet customer expectations. A whopping 14% don’t reply at all. The Ushur CXA platform can get your email backlog to zero and your response times to seconds.

Respond and resolve customer problems 24/7

Without automation, customer emails can sit in-queue for days. Ushur’s SmartMail™ reads and classifies emails as soon as they come in. Automate your most repetitive customer inquiries and requests based on business rules. Customers no longer have to wait to hear back from you.

Leverage the no-code experience builder

With the Ushur no-code builder, you can now setup workflows, move data into your backend system automatically, give customers personalized and immediate responses and initiate document triage all without writing any code.

Automation that Understands

Understand bodies of text, whether in a document, an image, or a conversation
Take action when necessary, either with explicit or implicit human sign-off
Expand the journey across channels, including SMS, email, Invisible App™, social, or voice
Ushur’s AI platform supports more than 60 languages and delivers best-in-class sentiment analysis for any customer engagement

Empower your agents

Keep your agents looped in, at their convenience. Ushur automates the busywork, allowing agents to assess at critical junctures. Once workflows are undertaken, your agents have opportunities to support customers directly if and when appropriate. Take advantage of options for agents to review and modify data or documents from customers easily and efficiently as a part of an engagement. Agents can approve forms and re-engage at-will to capture updated information or handle other requests.

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