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What is the function of an Ushur?

The Ushur is a complete solution for intelligent automation. Ushur engages customers over email, SMS WhatsApp and more, using conversational AI and intuitive workflows to understand what people are saying and what to do next.

How is the Ushur Architecture Designed?

This image below is a graphic representation of the Ushur Architecture.

During integration, is it possible to look up from our services into Ushur to obtain information on the data ask?

We allow the Rest API integration for the external system to send or query data. The data depends on the use case/workflow setup. For more details about Ushur API's, please click here.

What Backend Database does Ushur use?

The Ushur platform relies on data stored across two different DB software - MySQL and MongoDB. MySQL is used for user information and the MongoDB is used to store all data related to engagements.

Is the Data Encrypted when SFTP is used?

SFTP being a secured way of transferring the data with specific login and with IP restriction, but we are not encrypting the data. Once a file is transferred, Ushur consumes the data immediately without any manual intervention and deletes the file immediately.

Who are the vendors for SMS and Email communication?

The Ushur platform connects to two vendors to facilitate end customer communication: Twilio for SMS communication and Sendgrid for email communication.

How does Ushur ensure Data Protection?

Ushur uses data encryption and anonymization option to ensure all data is protected.

Data encryption option can be selected while a variable is created in metadata. When the data is loaded, it gets encrypted.
Ushur ensures that data is secured and encrypted in transit (as it is received through the Ushur Platform) and at rest (in our database).
Data anonymization feature anonymizes the customer personal information or it can be configured to anonymize once an engagement is completed.
Ushur ensures that data is protected during Invisible App channel engagement by ensuring that no data is downloaded on users devices (smartphone or laptop).

Do we have to store the data in the Meta Data for the Ushur to work?

It is not mandatory to store the data in the Ushur metadata. Ushur recommends storing of certain details (based on use case/workflow setup) into our metadata to avoid load to external system and can address customers request efficiently/quickly

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