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CXA Manifesto

The Customer Experience Automation (CXA) Manifesto

The Customer Experience Automation (CXA) Manifesto helps organizations transform into highly efficient and empathetic enterprises, engaging through authentic digital experiences at scale–aligned to what their customers, partners and employees truly want and rightly deserve.

CX and operational efficiency go hand-in-hand

By approaching digital transformation from a customer-first lens, organizations realize a much greater holistic return on investment (ROI) than optimizing for operational efficiency or cost reduction alone.

Customer Experience Automation is all-inclusive

Any organization can execute a Customer Experience Automation strategy, regardless of their past technological investments, current resource bandwidth or industry regulations.

Artificial Intelligence makes automation human again

Automation on its own improves the bottom line. Automation powered by AI helps systems understand humans–using their sentiment and intent to embed empathy into self-service experiences.

With the embodiment of these Customer Experience Automation (CXA) principles–consumers and businesses will build more meaningful, satisfactory and less transitory relationships–helping each other pursue success in the least friction-filled way.

Principles of Customer Experience Automation


Always design with the end user in mind.

Construct effective experiences by putting yourself in the end user’s shoes. Their situation, preferences and circumstances at outreach will influence your channel, timing, and tone.

Operational efficiency starts from the outside-in.

Understand how your customers want to engage, then modernize inwards towards that result. Focusing only on internal processes and systems has little impact on how others do business with your brand.

Start with what you can, where you can.

Start by automating anywhere along the customer journey, then acquire resources along the way. The key is creating a sustainable system to scale.

Micro-engagements drive the end-to-end customer journey.

No problem is too insignificant to solve. Consistently addressing even the smallest points of friction, over time, results in compounding effects.

Deliver a consistent brand experience across all customer touch points.

Each interaction is an extension of your brand, whether analog or digital. Architect the experience to be familiar; consistently reflecting how you want your customers to feel.

Context is king. Delivering content delicately is an art.

Anticipate the information needed to drive an intended result. Deliver it at the right stage, in the right way to avoid unintended consequences.

Just-in-time is of the essence.

Act with urgency to remain relevant and show that you care. Mistiming the opportunity robs the impact from your efforts.

Take advantage of current technologies and trends.

Observe, analyze and adapt accordingly. The further you fall behind, the harder it is to catch up and get ahead.

Democratize the tools to empower all.

Your solution should be easy to use and accessible across a diverse set of roles. If too specialized, it will hinder collaboration and growth.

Do not sacrifice security for the sake of simplicity.

Do not default to what’s fast and easy, while turning a blind eye to inherent risks at hand. Rather than compromising, seek a solution for both.

Test, reflect and course correct.

Learn backwards and iterate forward. Monitor engagements and solicit feedback from multiple perspectives to obtain subsequent success.