Did you know Visual Chatbots can automate nearly 70% of your customer conversations ?



Your customers are mobile, three out of every five prefer texting and expect quick and efficient service from your company. Deploy the power of automation with Ushur’s platform that is born in the cloud with Artificial Intelligence to create the most effective customer conversations.

Automate your customer engagements to reduce your call center and customer service costs by up to 80 percent, increase marketing conversion rates above 85 percent, and substantially increase customer engagements, with 90% delivery/open rate compared to legacy channels.

Ushur’s Conversation as a Service, is enterprise-grade, designed for scale and  powered by Artificial Intelligence, Language Intelligence and Data Science with easy to use drag and drop tools to create visual chatbots that automate customer touch points instead of serving those through human agents.

 Enterprises Deploy Ushur For:


Join leading Retailers, Insurance Companies, Banks and Tech providers that are experiencing double-digit growth in customer satisfaction and marketing campaign conversion rates, while enjoying dramatic reductions in their customer service and marketing operational costs by using visual chatbot builder to drive conversational commerce.

 Customer Quotes:

Ushur is a very easy to use platform and delivers exactly what it promises

People without advanced technical skills can create independent Ushur campaigns relatively quickly

“We met with Ushur on Friday, described our needs, and our campaigns were ready to launch Monday morning. I was shocked at the 24-48 hour deployment process”

“We tested Ushur on millennial students and most of their responses were that Ushur was cutting edge”

There is a lot of functionality available through Ushur APIs allowing our backend systems to find out the results of customer engagements, requests resulting in action needed by us, and so on

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