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Transform the enterprise customer journey - end to end - by understanding, orchestrating and intelligently automating every single customer interaction across all channels of communication.

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Transform the enterprise customer journey - end to end - by understanding, orchestrating and intelligently automating every single customer interaction across all channels of communication.


Brands that trust Ushur's Intelligent Automation


"Ushur supports our proposition as a digital-first insurance company. It delivers both omnichannel customer engagement and operational efficiency. These capabilities will prove invaluable with our ongoing transition to remote work and give us the agility to respond to other events so we can continue meeting our customers' needs"

Richard Harding

CEO at Tower Insurance

"Ushur is a true partner in our digital transformation. Their ability to rapidly prototype and automate customer journeys has provided Unum with a competitive edge, delighting our customers while allowing our employees to focus on higher-value work. As impressive as their technology is, the quality of the Ushur team may be what sets them apart. They truly care about our success."

Mike Simonds

COO at Unum

"The results we got were phenomenal, and we hadn't written a line of code. We'd never seen anyone who could do that. From our standpoint, Ushur were the only ones out there truly doing something different."

Ken Lynch

Head of IS, Irish Life
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"We looked at several vendors to help us transform our customer experience and ultimately chose Ushur because of their Invisible App. To be able to serve our customers (especially seniors) on a seamless channel, without any need for downloads or having to deal with an app, is a game changer."

Ashley Restad

Program Director, Healthspire

Automation That Understands™

Designed for high-contact industries like insurance, logistics and financial services, Ushur engages customers over email, apps, SMS and more, using conversational AI and intuitive business process automation workflows to understand what people are saying and what to do next. Our end-to-end automation platform accelerates time to value with features like a visual builder, powerful tools for data extraction, and integrations with backend systems like Salesforce, ServiceNow and even homegrown, legacy systems. Easy to use and built for engagement, it's the first truly intelligent process automation platform that understands the customer's needs - and yours.


Did you know you can automate 85% of customer interactions?

Engagement rates

up to


cut process times

from weeks to


Return on



Increase NPS scores



Engagement rates

up to


cut process times

from weeks to


Return on



Increase NPS scores



Build intelligent automations for comprehensive automated business processes and see what you can achieve with Ushur.

Automated FNOL Processing App
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Advantages of Ushur's Process Automation Software

Ushur enables organizations to: make customer interactions faster and more efficient, deliver 24/7 support, reduce call center volume, increase customer satisfaction, reduce OpEx, reduce administrative work, improve employee morale, gain a holistic view of customer engagement and more.

Multiple Channels

Reach your customers from multiple mobile channels, including global two-way SMS (texting), HTML5, Facebook messenger, email, voice and more.

Seamless Integrations

Deep integrations into your systems of records for order management, ERP, CRM, ITSM, and HR to work in sync with your developed campaigns.

AI and ML Powered

Ushur's AI and Machine Learning toolset offers companies continuously enhanced language understanding for automating  customer interactions.

Powerful Analytics

Measure outcomes of your engagements instantly and effectively with powerful analytics for deeper understanding of your campaign results.

Global Presence

Ushur has the ability to instantly translate over 60 local languages, giving you the ability to reach your customers in over 192 countries.

Regulatory Compliance

Whether it is your customers' preference handling or compliance to local and national regulatory needs, we have your back.

Enterprise-Class Security

Ushur's CXA platform is certified to meet and exceed the industry's most stringent security standards

Powerful Process Automation Solutions

Intelligent customer service automation

Virtual Customer Assistant

Intelligent customer service automation that enables proactive customer communications across virtually any channel, reaching out to customers, understanding what they need and automatically taking the next steps.



Automated email processing system that processes thousands of incoming emails, categorizes and classifies them based on predetermined rules and Ushur's proprietary natural-language technology, auto-responding to each sender and forwarding.


Invisible App

A secure, 1-to-1 communication channel that automates customer journeys using the power of conversational AI that lets you directly interact with customers without having to build, test, deploy and support your own custom apps.

Easily Build Intuitive and Customer-Centric Process Automation



Ushur's no-code builder is a web-based portal to build, deploy and track all your intelligent automations visually. Different modules allow users to build a dynamic workflow and automate many types of actions or tasks including customer interactions, data exchange, file uploads, OCR and more with simple drag and drop tools.


FlowBuilder is powered by LISA (Ushur's Language Intelligence Service Architecture). Using NLP, Topic Classification, Data Extraction and Sentiment Analysis technology, LISA extracts meaning from your conversations and brings intelligence to your automations.

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