Intelligent Automation for Every Customer Journey


FNOL Process Automation

Automate your FNOL process flow. Use Ushur’s AI and deep learning digital FNOL claims handler to quickly and cost-effectively automate…

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Claims Process Automation

Reduce your pending claims backlog with claims process automation. Intelligent insurance claims automation powered by conversational AI. Expedite claims processing…

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Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Automated Customer Survey Software Use intelligent automation to create a smart survey experience that builds quality customer engagement Automated Survey…

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Email Quote Submissions

Automated Email processing system for intelligent email routing and responding Use Ushur’s intelligent email automation software for high volume email…

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Agent & Broker Onboarding

AI-powered sales enablement. Use intelligent automation for product education, cross-selling and quoting to reduce time to close and increase closing…

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Customer & Employee Support

Intelligent service desk automation software. Use Ushur’s intelligent automation platform for simplified service desk automation that improves resolution rates and…

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Ushur in Action

From Property & Casualty and Healthcare, to Worker’s Compensation and Benefits Administration, watch how Ushur automates every customer journey

The World’s First Purpose-Built Intelligent
Experience Automation Platform

With best in class AI, Natural Language Processing (NLP), computer vision, deep learning and Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) capabilities ready out-of-the-box, the Ushur CXA platform has been architected from the ground up for knowledge work automation and customer engagement automation with a Zero-Code environment that is ideal for insurers, healthcare providers and financial institutions.


Multiple Channels

Reach your customers across multiple channels including global two-way SMS (texting), WhatsApp, email, voice, and more.


Seamless Integrations

Deep integrations into your systems of record for order management, ERP, CRM, ITSM, and HR to work in sync across your customer journeys.


AI and ML Powered

Ushur's advanced AI and ML architectures deliver enhanced languages understanding capabilities for automation across the conversational spectrum.


Powerful Analytics

Real-time visualizations and measurements of your customer engagements with smart analytics for deep understanding of end-to-end customers journeys.



Ushur has the ability to instantly understand over 60 languages, giving you the ability to reach your customers in more than 192 countries.


Regulatory Compliance

Meet and exceed the most stringent compliance standards for highly regulated industries including insurance, healthcare, and financial services.

Enterprise-Class Security

Ushur's CXA platform is certified to meet and exceed the industry's

most stringent security standards

Build Customer-Facing Automation Workflows In a True Zero-Code, AI-Powered, Cloud-Native Platform

Flo builder@2x

No-code FlowBuilder

Ushur's no-code builder is a web-based portal to build, deploy and track all your intelligent automations visually. Different modules allow users to build a dynamic workflow and automate many types of actions or tasks including customer interactions, data exchange, file uploads, OCR and more with simple drag and drop tools.


One-click Deployment

Ushur's AI-driven automation workflows are ready to engage your customers with just a single click developement.We've simplified the full stack for you from mobile experience all the way through to backend system updates via enterprise-grade API's and industry standard integrations.


Smart Analytics

The only way to respond to the desires and need of your customers is with in-depth data about thier behaviours and a plan for how to help them. Ushur's Customer Experence Automation (CXA)platform gathers real-time data about every Micro-Engagement to make inteligence the core of your automation strategy

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