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Accelerate Your Enterprise Workflows


Ushur is a service engagement platform harnessing the power of AI and ML technology to digitally transform both backend processes and conversational interfaces. With Ushur, enterprises are turning data into actionable engagements to build brand proximity with their customers and drive big business wins.

Did you know you can automate 70% of customer interactions?

Ushur’s visual service workflow builder helps businesses create the most intuitive, automated conversations with customers over Messenger, SMS, HTML5, Email, and Phone. Our drag and drop builder tools, combined with enterprise-grade platform infrastructure that includes an Artificial Intelligence engine, Analytics, APIs, and Software Development Kits, make it the most powerful service engagement platform out there. 

How Ushur Works

Ushur works alongside existing enterprise systems of records, operating on data in many formats and sources, including emails, documents, knowledge bases, structured and unstructured databases to automate and accelerate service workflows over many different mobile-friendly channels. Ushur applies best-in-class Language Intelligence and a robust technology stack to build a cognitive response system for all customer interactions.

How Ushur Works
how ushur works

Use Cases

Ushur builds the most powerful and flexible tools for accelerating a wide range of service workflows for your enterprise.


Automating Email Triage

Triage incoming emails and messages, intelligently extracting meta-data with Ushur’s AI engine, and automatically processing customer requests.

Claims Processing

Accelerate claims workflows by automating the conversations of the entire lifecycle of a claim.

Sales Enablement

Turn leads into customers with contextual, interactive product offerings via mobile-friendly videos and landing pages.



Automate bill processes such as payment reminders, renewing expired credit cards, and failed billing with our secure invisible apps.

Cognitive FAQs

Apply Ushur’s AI engine to your enterprise data for instant and seamless keyword search, topic detection and data retrieval.

Agent Assistance

Automate repetitive, administrative tasks for your disability benefits specialists with Ushur to accelerate manual workflows.

What can Ushur do for you?

Ushur is being deployed by leading Fortune 1000 and Global 5000 companies to automate and accelerate sales, marketing and customer support workflows. Because of Ushur’s rapid deployment without the need for elaborate IT investments, we can demonstrate return on investment within a few weeks of deployment.

  • Reduce Costs

    Reduced Costs and Workloads

    Ushur’s customers reduce repetitive phone calls to service centers and augment human specialists by automating nearly 70% of customer interactions

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    Increased Revenue

    Using frictionless engagements for sales enablement, Ushur’s customers have been able to increase sales closing rates by 30%.

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    Building Brand Proximity

    Ushur eliminates friction through accelerated customer engagements and brings brands closer to their customers. Our proprietary algorithm even gives you a score to measure and analyze your brand proximity at any given time.

Brands that trust Ushur

Over 300 Powerful Features


Multiple Channels

Reach your customers from multiple mobile channels, including global two-way SMS, HTML5, Facebook messenger, email, voice and more.

Seamless Integrations

Deep integrations into your systems of records for order management, ERP, CRM, ITSM, and HR to work in sync with your developed campaigns.

AI and ML Powered

Ushur’s AI and Machine Learning toolset offers companies continuously enhanced language understanding for automating your customer conversations.


Powerful Analytics

Measure outcomes of your engagements instantly and effectively with powerful analytics for deeper understanding of your campaign results.

Global Presence

Ushur has the ability to instantly translate over 60 local languages, giving you the ability to reach your customers in over 192 countries.

Regulatory Compliance

Whether it is your customers’ preference handling or compliance to local and national regulatory needs, we have your back.

Deployment is as easy as 1 – 2 – 3

The best part of Ushur is the simplicity to deploy your campaigns in minutes. No coding experience is needed to deploy Ushur’s visual chatbots.  If you are a developer, Ushur has the most powerful APIs to work with.

go live


Write the conversations with your customers that you would like automated.

Use Ushur Builder

Using Ushur’s simple drag and drop builder tool, you can map your story into an automated conversation flow.

Go Live

Start communicating with your customers immediately, with zero-touch and higher conversion rates.

Accelerate your Enterprise Workflows

Ushur is an automation platform harnessing the power of AI and ML technology to accelerate customer engagement. With Ushur, enterprises are turning data into actionable engagements to improve customer relationships and digitally transform their workflows.