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AI Studio

AI training in the hands of citizen developers

The CXA ecosystem’s answer to AI operations so that data scientists and citizen developers can build AI-driven customer experiences. Give automation a conversational, document-based, and flexible design by:
  • Quickly training models/skills
  • Managing model lifecycles
  • Reusing model/skills across customer experiences
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What is AI Studio?

Simplify AI Operations: Enhancing Customer Interactions with AI Studio

Use AI Studio to train, evaluate, deploy, and manage skills (machine learning models) for customer experiences. Those trained skills are reusable across the CXA ecosystem.
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Version 16
Performance (Ver. 16)
Step 1. Select Activity
AI Studio Train Icon
Train a new version of this model using new or existing data.
AI studio test icon
Test an existing version of this model and analyze the results.
Step 2. Define Properties
AI Studio Train Icon
The system will run several variations and select the best.
AI studio manual icon
Define custom AI/ML properties manually.
Step 3. Select Dataset
AI Studio Train Icon
New Data
Upload new files to train or test.
AI studio existing data icon
Existing Data
Select data from a previous training or testing activity.
Training is underway!
You can leave this page and we will notify you when training is complete.
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Supercharge IT teams

Keep data closely

Leverage data to train skills (models) for customer experiences from within an enterprise ecosystem

Share models easily across all customer experiences

Skills (models) trained in the AI Studio environment are usable across any customer experience and shareable by enterprise citizen developers

Version data, models, and metrics

Deploy customer experiences confidently with the assurance that each uses the correct model version, trained on the appropriate CX data

AI Studio across the Ushur Platform


    AI Studio for SmartMail™

    Train machine learning models that classify emails based on their content, subjects, and attachments. AI Studio makes model training, deployment, and updating for Ushur SmartMail models fool proof.
    Coming soon

    AI Studio for Intelligent Document Automation™

    Accelerate the feedback loop for document processing models by correcting the key-value predictions, and giving human in the loop feedback for all Ushur Intelligent Document Automation™ models.
    Coming soon

    AI Studio for Conversational Apps™

    Update models for understanding intent and evaluating sentiment. Control which industry-specific and proprietary Ushur generative language models to use in customer experiences.
AI Studio for SmartMail™AI Studio for Intelligent Document Automation™


Train models without moving data to keep customer experiences safe and compliant


Update models on the fly so customer experiences limit downtime


Deploy and manage models in a single pane

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