AI Agents to automate the procedural decisions

Everyday your organization faces thousands of decisions that are procedural, requiring fact-checking dozens of forms to reach a decision. Automate the simple cases and free up agents to respond faster to the more convoluted situations.

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Prior authorization form
Clinical information
Coverage criteria

Forget the paper-pushing. Focus time on experiences that make a difference.

Many routing customer requests, claims, and more are routine paper-pushing decisions that, if automated, free up agents to focus on the experiences that truly needs human intervention. Provide customers with the ease of self-service when they need it, and the comforting human experience when they need it, all with the speed they need it in.

Applying decision rules consistently

Once decision criteria are defined, Ushur AI Agents can apply those rules rapidly and consistently to each case. This improves efficiency and reduces human errors and inconsistency in routine decisions.

XOS decision skills can identify exceptions

Identifying exceptions

While automatically approving clear-cut cases, Ushur AI Agents can flag outliers, exceptions and borderline situations for human review. This allows a human-in-the-loop approach for oversight of the automated system.

XOS decision skills can help explain decisions

Explaining decisions

Ushur AI Agents can provide rationale and explanations for the automated decisions, not just a black-box outcome. This transparency is important for regulated domains like healthcare and financial services.

Integrating with workflows

Ushur AI Agents can be integrated with existing IT systems and workflows to streamline operations and allow the AI to work with legacy infrastructure.