Automated Claims Processing

Revolutionize Your Claims Processing with Ushur's Automated Solutions

Process incoming claims with automation to match the rate and volume your organization gets new ones. Automation drives retention and lowers expenses.
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What is Automated Claims Processing?

Automated claims processing applies technologies like machine learning and email automation to the entire insurance claim workflow (from intake all the way to resolution), freeing insurance agents up to handle complex issues, while common tasks like appointment scheduling and appraisal updates are handled by the platform.

Intelligent Claims Automation Reduces Processing from Weeks to Hours

A backlog of claims that’s too large slows case resolution and threatens to leave policyholders with a poor impression of your brand. Manual processing of claims alone takes so long because of the number of steps, and automation-only claims processing is difficult because of the varied nature of claims and their many formats. Manual insurance claims processing that typically takes weeks can now be accelerated with advanced conversational AI and intelligent process automation. Automated claims processing improves the customer experience by reaching claimants with 6x fewer attempts, and with 90% engagement rates.

Don’t leave your customers waiting. Power your service desks with AI.

vs weeks to process claims
fewer attempts to reach claimants
engagement rates

Why Ushur for Automated Claims Processing

How Automation Helps

  • Unnecessarily drawn out and error prone
  • Agents left to make repeated contact attempts
  • Costly and inconvenient to policyholders

The Benefit of Automation-Enhanced Processing

  • Automation can track any number of channels
  • Historical data can guide decisions via AI
  • Extract critical information automatically