UshurXMedicare Quality Engagement & Activation

An UshurX Solution Pack

Medicare Quality Engagement & Activation

Digitally engage with members for better Medicare outcomes

  • Automate your Medicare engagement with minimal effort required
  • Focus on supporting members while elevating member experiences and outcomes
  • Reduce inbound call volume with proactive outreach from a digital channel
  • Engage two-way and dynamically adapt journeys based on member needs
  • Achieve time-to-value in weeks with pre-built templates and zero code
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1SDOH Survey
2Health Risk Assessment (HRA) Survey
3Care Gap Closure
Conduct social determinants of health (SDOH) surveys in a user-friendly and convenient-to-answer bite size format
Provide health risk assessments (HRA) surveys in an easier-to-complete format
Educate, survey, and guide members conveniently to take better health actions
User surveys adapt real-time based on prior answers
Built-in progress tracker to minimize abandonment
Guide members in real-time towards resources for self-care, medical care, behavioral health, and more
Offer real-time support based on need like maps to food resources
Real-time survey adjustment based on prior answers
Appointment setting support, reminders and rescheduling

Social Determinants of Health

Friendly and convenient format drives higher completion

Preformatted survey sent to gather critical Medicare patient data in a HIPAA-secure environment


Circle Logo
Circle, Inc.
Greetings Jane, we are reaching out to you to let you know that Circle Health is here to provide the necessary resources to promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle. We have a few questions that we would like to ask you.
To continue, use secure link:

Be user-friendly and proactively send surveys.


Circle Health
Please enter the code received on your phone.

HIPAA-secure platform protects any PHI.


Circle Healthcare
We undersetand that you are in need of food for tonight. Here is a list of food banks within your area.

Bread for Life
Address: 7840 John Clayton Memorial Highway, Gloucester, VA 23061
Phone: (804) 694-9366

A Gift from Ben
Address: 309 Waltz Farm Dr., Williamsburg, VA 23185
Phone: (757) 258-9195

Support patients with directions to local resources like food.

Health Risk Assessment Survey

Real-time adjustment and intuitive user experience encourages participation

Automate HIPAA-secure data collection with dynamic , prebuilt questionnaires


Health Risk Assessment
Contact Information
What language would you like us to communicate in?

Intuitive survey format designed with user in mind.


Circle Logo
Circle, Inc.
Hi Jane, this is Circle Health. There is still a pending survey we need you to complete. Please find the secure link below to finish where you left off.

Progress cues encourage customers to complete survey.


UshurX adjust

Survey route adjusts based on answers and user defined logic.

Care Gap Closure

Guide patients towards better health decisions with CX automation

Patients receive easy-to-understand patient engagement resources for simple self care


Diabetes Care
Circle Health understands that with your recent diagnosis with Diabetes that you may be apprehensive about what you need to do. By continuing with this program, we will help guide you through managing your condition and managing your best life!

Show empathy while directing people towards healthful best practices.

Keep customers safe

Diabetes Care
Circle Health can help you every step of the way with managing your Type 2 Diabetes. Let's start with this quick video about what Type 2 Diabetes is and how you can manage it.UshurX keep customers safe

Keep patients safe by guiding them to essential resources.


Diabetes Care
How did your doctor tell you to manage the Type 2 Diabetes?

Help patients adjust care plans and appointments.

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