Experience OS

The first-ever purpose-built experience operating system powered by Generative AI, with domain-specific large language models (LLMs) at it's core. Trained for frictionless human experiences and designed for highly regulated industry engagements.

Multi-skilled AI Agents

Train and build a team of AI Agents — no coding required — each with a diverse set of skills designed for your specific use cases. Leverage Ushur's pre-trained, industry-specific Large Language Models (LLMs) to get started fast. With accuracy rates above 80% out-of-the-box, Ushur models and services are trained to understand and process documents and conversations with terms unique to each industry. Rapidly fine-tune these models to your organization's needs for improved accuracy rates and hallucination-free engagements.
ExperienceOS for SDoH use cases

SDoH Survey

Survey member SDOH needs conversationally powered by industry-specific GenAI models.
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ExperienceOS for Claims status use cases

Claims Status

Collect key details across channels, then analyze and give status updates.
ExperienceOS for KYC Compliance use cases

KYC Compliance

Collect key cross-channel contact and additional information.

Warm Welcome

Deliver warm welcomes to health plan members via HIPAA-secure, personalized digital engagements.
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RFP email automation

RFP & Quote Intake

Collect hardship details and documents, assess eligibility and streamline approvals.
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Healthcare - Insurance - Finserv
Experience OS for Hardship Inquiry Use Cases

Hardship Inquiry

Collect information, assess eligibility, and streamline approvals.
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ExperienceOS for Gaps in Care use cases

Close Gaps in Care

Identify and engage members to close care gaps via personalized, guided interactions.
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Pre-Enrollment Outreach

Deliver personalized communications that educate and engage prospective members.

Escrow Shortfall Notice

Identify borrowers of escrow changes proactively for ongoing payment adjustments.

Medication Adherence

Proactively engage members to learn and address root causes of non-adherence
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Extract data from requests, check eligibility and provide real-time approvals or denials.

Paperless Sign-Up

Deliver personalized digital enrollment experiences that are fast, easy and secure.
Healthcare - Insurance - Finserv
AI Agent
Experience OS use case graphic

Compliant & Hallucination Free

Ushur language, document, and generative models deployments are all are compliant with industry-leading security standards. Ushur model services are also engineered to spare enterprises the pain of hallucinations while enjoying the benefits of state-of-the-art language capabilities.

Platform Security & Compliance

An operating system for transformational experience

A new and bold way to think about customer experiences. The Ushur Experience OS enables enterprises to deploy skilled AI Agents en masse to scale the human-like touch that customers demand. Design agents with the skills they need to support end-to-end experiences.

Generative by design

Ushur LLMs and proprietary channels safeguard customer data for enterprise-grade experiences. Prompt-protected and engineered to spare the pain of GenAI hallucinations, Ushur XOS helps enterprises enjoy the state-of-the-art capabilities of language models.

Proactively engage when needed

Use AI agents to educate and interact with customers before questions become frustrations. Deliver answers and information proactively so customers can act with increased trust and confidence for stronger relationships.

GenAI Invisible App chat screen

Reactive with intelligence

XOS helps employees track and measure customer experiences. LLM services translate requests into queries and Ushur users can use data to improve and redeploy experiences drive by AI Agents.

Explore AI Studio

Agents for every use case and workflow

Utilize Ushur pre-trained, industry specific Large Language Models (LLMs) to get started immediately. With accuracy rates above 80% out-of-the-box, Ushur models and services are trained to recognize the documents and language unique to each industry we serve and are ready to be fine-tuned to your organization for improved accuracy rates. Rest assured your customer data is never used for training models.


AI Agents with skills to engage customers conversationally

Enterprise-grade chatbot-like experience for brands that want to give their customers an always-on conversational interface for their queries. Chat with AI Agents securely and compliantly.

AI Agents for Chat


AI Agents with skills to hold a dialogue

Voice channels are critical for enterprise-grade experiences that support customer experiences. AI Agents engage securely and effortlessly over phone conversations.

AI Agents for Voice


AI Agents skilled in processing documents

Enterprise-grade customer experiences flow across channels and media types. AI Agents deploy with document processing skills so they can converse with customers while processing key document-bound data.

AI Agents for Documents


AI Agents with skills to build data reports

Enterprise customer experiences are rich in data to measure, respond, and improve self-service. Use AI Agents to build reports on users and their experiences to better understand and accommodate customer needs.

AI Agents for Insights


AI Agents skilled with decision-making

Enterprise-grade decision-making capabilities for companies that codify business logic into their automation. AI Agents are skilled with processing decisions with nuance based varying confidence levels.

AI Agents for Decisions
GenAI Invisible App chat screen
Ushur AI Agent:  How can I help you?Customer: I would like to add my newborn to my insurance policy.AI Agent: Absolutely, I can assist you with that.
Please quote group life/ADD,  voluntary life/ADD and LTD coverage for NEACE Enterprises. New Albany, IN 47150. The advisor is John Doe and the proposed effective date of coverage is March 1 2024.
Workflow Type
Product 1
group life/ADD
Product 2
Voluntary life/ADD
Product 3
Customer Detail 1
NEACE Enterprises
Customer Detail 2
John Doe

Ushur has built on AI

Domain-specific. Purpose-built. Embedded throughout.

For both Customer and Employee Experiences

Conversational AI

Customers want fluid conversations
Customers  expect rich experiences instead of templated forms, and the ability to navigate and define the entirety of their relationship with a brand in one interface.

Document-Centric AI

Document processes are well-known and well adopted.
Enterprises' experiences have historically depended on some document or paper-based processes to gather or share information with their customers.

Ushur Gen AI

Ushur has woven AI capabilities throughout the leading Customer Experience Automation platform to self-serve customers naturally, help users build experiences quickly, and understand customer
behavior or preferences.

Ushur AI Bridges the Divide Between Enterprise & Customer Experiences

AI deploys to improve both customer and employee experiences
Conversational AI to converse easily
Document AI to automate tricky document flows
Generative AI to engage and also to make building easy
Ushur has always been a customer experience-first company, so we’ve been strategically investing in and deploying artificial intelligence (including GenAI services) to automate the sticky steps in customer experiences where enterprises have historically used spot solutions. 


What is ExperienceOS?

The GenerativeAI (GenAI) service for launching AI Agents who can help customers by engaging with them to serve with several core competencies.

ExperienceOS (XOS) is the backbone to GenAI services in the Ushur platform designed to bring the power of large language models to enterprise customer experiences. XOS hosts Ushur LLMs, open-source LLMs, or models trained and deployed by customers. Business users can use XOS to launch AI Agents – digital counterparts to the customer service representatives that customers love. Ushur AI Agents help customers and users and are trained to be skilled in conversations over chat or voice, document processing, data report generation, and decision assistance for employees.

If Ushur users don’t rely on XOS to deploy AI Agents, they can leverage the power of LLMs via XOS in Ushur Studio. GenAI services help users as well as customers with tasks like workflow creation, phrase suggestions, and tone improvements to meet CX best practices. XOS is the operating system for all customer experiences that demand the fluidity of Generative AI, and it’s available today!

Can I trust LLMs and AI Agents in production with sensitive data?

Yes, your customers can trust Ushur LLMs and AI Agents in the Ushur secure and compliant ecosystem.

With this launch Ushur is deploying its own LLMs and safeguarding customer experiences with the right GRC practices to keep customer data in the environments it’s supposed to be in. Customer data doesn’t train Ushur models and AI Agents are guided to give customers the best engagement while keeping their experience safe and on task.

What safeguards does Ushur put in place to keep customer data safe?

Ushur has been engineered to the highest standards of enterprise governance, risk, and compliance and Ushur customer data is only used to train Ushur customer models.

With this launch Ushur is deploying its own LLMs so customers can use the power of generative AI with confidence. Ushur customers don’t have to worry about private data being sent to publicly hosted models like ChatGPT, and their customer experiences are secure to the core with compliance standards such as HITRUST, HIPAA, GDPR, SOC2, PCI-DSS, and more.

Is my data used to train your models?

No, customer data is only used to train customer models.

 All data is stored within the customer instance that Ushur provisions. Customers have complete control over managing that data. NO DATA is stored elsewhere outside our platform. We won’t use customer data for training. We will soon add a data opt-out clause within our MSA.

What are AI Agents?

AI Agents are the next level of customer service automation with specific skills chosen to meet customer needs.

Artificial Intelligence Agents (AI Agents) are digital customer service specialists trained to automate processes for customer requests conversationally via chat, email, or voice, and securely gather and process documents for secure/PII customer experiences. AI Agents are also able to help customer service agents make decisions via business rules and generate insights via data querying. Each of these capabilities are deployable out of the new Ushur GenAI service and accessible to customers via a conversational interface. AI Agents are the ultimate manifestation of GenAI in the Ushur CXA ecosystem.

To better understand AI Agents, it’s useful to think of them by comparison to their predecessor the chatbot. They have to be skilled in chat, voice, documents, decisions, and insights. Chatbots only have to be able to respond to higher order FAQs. AI Agents have to complete end-to-end process automation and drive towards straight through processing. They do of course also support agent escalation or diversion to a person if the customer needs (or prefers) it. See more here.

What do AI Agents do and what do we actually mean when we talk about their skills?

AI Agents are the next level of customer service automation with specific skills chosen to meet customer needs.

AI Agents hold conversations like a chatbot would, but can process multiple requests from one conversation, review and extract documents, engage over voice, and then also confer with agents to make decisions and help them with data analysis. The myriad capabilities of the AI agent are thanks to the Ushur GenAI service which is verticalized to speak in the language of a specific industry, safe from manipulation by prompts, and compliant to the highest standards of enterprise grade security and governance.

Is this the same thing at ChatGPT?

No! This isn’t just a GenAI chat service & ChatGPT isn’t designed for regulated enterprise use.

With this launch, Ushur is deploying its own LLMs, it’s true, but they are specifically trained for the purposes of conversing and engaging in the language of customers in our target industries. That means dialogue and intent processing as fluidly as ChatGPT thanks to the large model size, but with prompt and output validation to keep model engagements safe, and data governance to protect the conversational data that comes across the Ushur ecosystem.

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