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AskUnum Cuts Customer Support Turnaround Time by 77%, achieving 83% Customer Satisfaction

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Mail triage causes bottlenecks

Unum created AskUnum as a support shop for its staff and partners but high volumes of spam slowed response times, frustrating both the support team and users.

Processing Pension Contributions: A Time-Consuming Maze for Irish Life

Processing 3,000 inconsistent client email submissions (Excel, CSV, PDF, etc.) monthly became a time-consuming maze for Irish Life, forcing staff to spend days manually fixing them before processing.

Stuck in Snail Mail Swamp: Delivering Benefits Goes Paper-Heavy and Outdated

11,000 paper mailers monthly? Clients were showering new hires with costly, outdated benefits info. Members craved a greener, interactive experience, leaving them stranded with questions in this paper-heavy swamp. Time to trade snail mail for digital answers!

Unum removed 80% of mail triaging

By implementing Ushur SmartMail™, Unum tackles their email clutter, saving 14,000 hours annually and freeing up its support team to focus on complex tasks, leading to faster response times and happier customers.

Ushur: From Labyrinth to Lightning Speed

Irish Life conquered their data processing maze with Ushur's IDA, saving time, resources, and shifting staff to higher-value tasks. This innovation cements their leadership and positions them for further growth.

Bye-Bye Snail Mail, Hello Digital Oasis: Ushur Delivers Engaging Benefits On-Demand!

Ditching paper, the client embraced Ushur's secure, interactive apps for a greener, more engaging way to deliver benefits info. New hires now onboard seamlessly, and the solution extends to dependents too, ensuring everyone gets the info they need, on-demand. This HIPAA-compliant digital oasis has benefits soaring and snail mail swimming with the fishes!
132Kcount of physical letters spared from sending
70%of incoming emails auto-triaged
$528Ksaved by shifting from paper mail to digital automation
42%of outbound calls eliminated
email categorization accuracy rate
$700K+saved annually
Ushur has been fantastic. I would 150% recommend them. I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the team, the technology, and the ease of doing business.
Jenn Bracken profile image
Jenn BrackenDirector of the Customer
Experience Service Center
The results we got were phenomenal, and we hadn't written a line of code. We’d never seen anyone who could do that. From our standpoint, Ushur were the only ones out there truly doing something different.
Ken Lynch profile
Ken LynchHead of Information Technology

Irish Life
My favorite feature of flow-builder/invisible app is the ability to ‘preview’ the engagement from the configuration screen to ensure branding, theming and verbiage will appear as expected. Our customer is delighted that we can deliver custom welcome engagements week-over-week to thousands of members.
Katey Koll profile
Katey KollSenior Product Manager


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