What is Customer Experience Automation?

Customer Experience Automation (CXA) is the interdisciplinary intersection of artificial intelligence, process automation, and conversational interfaces blended to optimize customer experience. CXA is designed to facilitate completing every task, no matter how minute, with the least cognitive load possible. Each interaction, task, or inquiry to an enterprise is a micro-engagement™️ and together the micro-engagements form a wave of customer experience.

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Dimensions of Customer Experience Automation

The focus of CXA is to use key technological capabilities to hold conversations with customers directly and help usher them to a final resolution in their self-service journey while letting them speak in their own words and automating the back-office processes that historically forced them to wait for a final confirmation. AI lets customers converse naturally, automation completes the resultant procedural steps, and customer experience opens the door to customers to let them speak in the channels and to the pain points they care about.


Removing procedural barriers that prevent expedient resolution

Artificial Intelligence

Using historical data to understand and predict future behaviors

Customer Experience

Two-way conversations where action matches intent

Customer Experience Automation

Use Intelligent Automation, Customer Experience, and AI to build automations for each and every micro-engagement™. Each micro-engagement may be an atomic unit on its own, but all of them together form a wave of customer experience.

The CXA Manifesto

Learn how the embodiment of Customer Experience Automation (CXA) principles enables consumers and businesses to build more meaningful, satisfactory and less transitory relationships.

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Benefits of Customer Experience Automation

CXA tech has the opportunity to change any customer experience for the better where there are large volumes of inquiries and each one requires some aspect of hands-on experience from the enterprises’ staff.

Experience on any Channel

Future-proofs investments in channels by deploying the same experience everywhere customers want to interact with brands and tracks progress even when channels change

Automate Workflows

Automates processes comprehensively rather than portions in a vacuum that reflects your organization and not customer pain point--from first conversation through completion

Integrate as Needed

Complements existing technical investments rather than ripping and replacing, and inform customer experiences with the data you already have on your customers

Scale on Demand

Helps enterprises host as many conversations as they need with artificial intelligence, so that hiring people isn't the only solution to the problems of scale

Listen to Intent

Listens and responds quickly to customers who are quick to tell you how they're feeling about your overall customer experience

Bridge the Siloes

Builds bridges across the isolated business units and existing autoamtion stack so that business users aren't stuck on an island but rather able to automate together

Orient Towards Customers

Opens channels for customers to solve minor or major problems and obscure your organizational complexity to satisfy your customers

Flex, Don't Break

Flexes with artificial intelligence where brittle process automation forces customers to exist and communicate only in the language predetermined by a business

How CXA Increases Efficiency

Manual Process

There are complicated many-step processes, like:

  • Filling in forms
  • Inserting/updating data in backend systems
  • Require workers to manually enter information in

These dependencies lead to:

  • Slow response times
  • Expensive staffing requirements
  • Inability to scale

Additionally, those steps often include manual outreach and it can take a knowledge work many tries to connect with a customer and record the information they need.

CXA-Enabled Process

CXA uses natural language processing and understanding to:

  • Detect intent
  • Route inquiries
  • Complete high-volumes of repetitive tasks with core system dependencies

It also builds on key capabilities within the Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) space, like:

  • Data extraction
  • Document processing
  • Resolve queries regardless of form factor

Artificial intelligence + intelligent automation together can help any enterprise scale.

Customer Experience Automation by Industry

The customers may change by industry but many of the pain points remain the same--high volume and manual processes break customer experiences. Using artificial intelligence, intelligent process automation, and customer experience design principles, Customer Experience Automation lets enterprises attack complex problems and build solutions quickly to fix the problems they've already identified but are short on time to solve.

CXA for Insurance

Policyholders, brokers, agents, and many other stakeholders in the insurance ecosystem benefit from automation using Customer Experience Automation where carriers leverage the capabilities of artifical intelligence and process automation to make their business both proactive and responsive in the face of enterprise scale problems.

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CXA for Healthcare

From payers to providers, Customer Experience Automation brings enterprises the benefit of basic capabilities of process automation paired with AI and document processing so that healthcare companies can make care and responsiveness priorities for this years technology solutions.

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CXA for Banking

Customer Experience Automation accerates the process of Financial Services institutions filling the gaps in customer experience for treasurers, borrowers, and lenders by automating across any and every channel and deploying automation to a secure, cloud-native platform with a single click.

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Industry Report

Improve Customer Experience by Focusing on the Customer and not the Application

Consumer expectations are evolving in today’s world, pressuring enterprises to deliver fast, frictionless customer service - similar to digital natives such as Amazon and DoorDash.

However, enterprise silos, IT choke points, and rip and replace projects have made good customer experience difficult to achieve, in addition to driving up operational costs. When modernizing with an outside-in approach, enterprises can streamline operational efficiency while delivering a better experience to their customers in tandem.

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Check out how CXA has changed the way these companies do business:

Why use CXA to successfully drive innovation in an organization?

The combination of front–end automation plus back office task completion is the holy grail for responsive and scalable customer experiences in the enterprise. A technology stack with CXA built into it is ultimately driven by artificial intelligence (AI). AI is critical to any innovation effort in the enterprise because at its core it provides the flexibility that programmatic software on its own lacks. It’s very hard to build conditional logic for every input, but much more realistic to expose AI via CXA to make end-to-end automation a possibility.

Customer Experience Automation FAQs

  • Does Customer Experience Automation work on the cloud?
  • Is the customer in CXA only for consumers? Does CXA apply to me even if I don’t work directly with a traditional customer?
  • Why is customer experience important and how does automation change that?

Yes! CXA is usually viewed as an additive set of capabilities rather than an automation suite you have to rip and replace to find room for. Cloud-native capabilities and API-centric design are useful for integrating easily into existing technology investments.

No and yes. The customer in customer experience automation isn’t just consumers, but also could be internal stakeholders and business partners you need to build automation capabilities for in order to ease the stress of doing business. If your stakeholders are patients, build automation experiences that are patient-centric. If your customers are doctors, customer experience automation helps automate provider-centric experiences. Your customers are your business. Digital agility and expedited digital transformation is ours.

Customers, internal and external alike, have built up expectations of how easy your business should be to work with. They choose to keep working with you if it’s painless, and they reconsider whether to if it’s friction-filled. Automation alleviates customer experience pains by speeding up labor-driven processes and by bridging the gap between internal silos that hamper customer experience query resolution times.