Partnerships, Alliances & Integrations

Partners for Better CXA

We have phenomenal partners that are commited to revolutionizing companies' communication channels with their customers. We are partnering to enable better customer experiences with faster implementations. See how some of our partners are revolutionizing Customer Experience Automation.

Partner Program Benefit

Ushur’s Customer Experience Automation (CXA) platform is the only one of its kind that was designed from the ground up to engage with customers on the front end, automate resulting back office tasks, and easily persist customer data into core systems - all using workflows built by non-technical users. Ushur’s multi-tier partner program is available to marketplace and technology companies and resellers who need an intelligent automation solution that can support a variety of customer experiences. The program gives partners access to a market-defining platform and the opportunity to build and deploy AI-driven.

Introduce AI to Solutions

Leverage Ushur's best-in-class machine learning to introduce much needed power and flexibility to any automation workflow


Harness Conversational AI

Ushur's natural language processing (NLP) lets you be conversant with customers instead of forcing them into a predefined decision-tree of dialogue


Integrate Rather than Replace

Partner with Ushur to introduce a flexible and API-based architecture that acts as a service overlay so you don't have to replace critical core systems


Hit New Revenue Targets

Partnering with Ushur is like adding a team of data scientists and developers to your roster so you deliver AI-driven projects in a timely and predictable manner


Offer Technical Certifications

Ushur Certified Professional certifications give partners and their clients the peace of mind to know they're familiar with the platform and can automate every typical task

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