Conversations powered with GenAI

Ushur AI Agents extract intent and pair it with automated processes so companies can build conversant customer experiences in weeks – not years.

AI Agent
Warm Welcome
What are the available plans in California? Ms. Panthers is moving states.
Assuming Ms. Panthers would like to keep a similar plan, I recommend the Blue Cross Silver HMO.

Conversations are the most natural way for customers to engage with a brand 

Enable chat experiences while maintaining security. Provide customers with a familiar two-way channel that delivers personalized customer experiences through a generative AI powered chat experience.


Easily enable without coding

Enable AI Agents for businesses, simplifying digital interactions and customer experiences without the need for technical expertise. With an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, users can deploy AI solutions effortlessly, integrating them into various workflows while ensuring compliance and security.

AI features

Features that utilize artificial intelligence to generate, modify and recommend text content for enhanced usability and experience.

Chat mode for end-users

Allows users to complete a workflow by conversing with AI assistant.



Intent Detection

Unstructured conversations are filled with multiple topics and intents. Powered by generative AI, Ushur AI Agents analyze conversations and classify their intents to decide which processes require automated support.
Healthcare test type identified
Barbara Nelson
I’d like to schedule a time to get a blood test drawn. Can you help set up a time for me?
Healthcare appointment request identified


Natural Language Inference (NLI) 

Customer conversations rarely include all salient information. Ushur AI uses NLI and enterprise knowledge bases to fill in the blank. 


Industry Language

The terminology customers use is specific to each industry. Speak and automate in the parlance of the healthcare, insurance, and financial services industries with Ushur AI.
As a new member to Circle Health, we’d like to determine your current living situation to see if we can assist you further.

Ushur Studio & Ushur Conversational Apps

Conversational Automation for CX

Customers demand interfaces that truly self-serve and are conversant. Ushur AI Agents turn process flows into free-form conversations with the flip of a switch to deploy Conversational AI in weeks – not years.

Benefits of Ushur AI Agents for Conversations

Time to Value

Conversational automation with Ushur AI Agents help companies move quickly to automate conversations that burden customer service specialists, employees, and customers, alike.

Industry Fidelity

Automation for complex and regulated industries requires partners and service providers who know the space, the specifics of the processes, and how to deliver IT projects. 


Customer experiences disappoint when they’re constrained to rigid form-based and are slow to update, so brands need AI Agents that can both engage and adapt to changing needs.