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CX Automation for the Insurance Industry

Customer Experience Automation™ speeds communication between the carrier and the customer and decreases wait times for real-time service delivery and information requests.

It used to be that consumers would have to wait for an item they ordered with only the original estimate of how many days it would take to receive it. Likewise, they’d have to call their insurer and wait to speak with a representative to ask if their preferred care provider was covered in the insurer's network, or when their next payment was due. In contrast, if you as a consumer today have ever received proactive tracking updates letting you know the number of stops your purchase is from your home, or if you’ve ever texted your insurance company to find the nearest in-network auto repair shop and received the answer immediately, then you’ve experienced the kind of ease-of-experience that CXA and its effort-saving capabilities afford. True CXA for insurance is only a possibility thanks to the capabilities of Ushur’s platform, that includes Invisible App™.

Customer Experience Automation™ (CXA) is the application of an AI-powered platform that is purpose-built to automate, scale, and remove the friction from the interactions between a company and its customers; from the beginning of a conversation through its resolution."

Customer Experience Automation™ is essential to modernizing your service delivery and operations because it allows customers to skip the long wait to talk to a person when they would prefer self-service, bypassing unpopular IVR systems, and solve inquiries or complete tasks, through robust Conversational AI. It also affords customers choice and empowers them in their interactions with your brand. Customers who are concerned that their urgent questions will slip through the cracks without immediate attention, will often forgo their preferred digital messaging channel and introduce another point of friction. By offering an artificial intelligence (AI) powered digital channel of their choice as soon as they call in, a company provides service without forcing an employee conversation that the customer does not prefer. This both elevates the customer’s experience and offers the carrier operational efficiency gains.

Ushur’s Invisible App™ is a 1-to-1, secure communication channel for automating customer interactions. It delivers an app-like experience, without the friction of having to download an app, or the cost to the carrier to build, maintain, and support. It also offers customers an easy alternative to logging into a portal and streamlines complex conversations. Invisible App™ enables carriers to provide their customers with an intuitive and consistent brand experience, regardless of the service request involving their policy, bill, or claim. And because Invisible App™ is omnichannel, this consistent experience is offered regardless of where the customer interaction begins, including phone, text, email, web, or popular messaging apps.

In other words, Invisible App™ is what lets an insurer build an automation flow for the reporting of a new claim and meet the customer where they are to begin that conversation, when they begin with a phone call, text, email, website, or chatbot. Invisible App™ affords carriers both flexibility and scalability, eliminating the need to create and maintain channel-specific solutions. Invisible App™ future-proofs your investments in your communication and automation solutions.

CXA Drives Easy, Timely Gathering of Missing Documentation or Data from Customers

If you experienced any part of processing a claim for a car accident, from a minor fender bender to a total wreck, you know that the task of gathering information, data, and documentation from multiple parties is difficult, time-consuming, and fraught with tension. Customers want to know where the process stands, what happens next, and when. And delays that result from missing data are frustrating while also easily remedied by automation.

With Customer Experience Automation™, any missing information can be requested or shared between the many participants in the claim journey. CXA facilitates data gathering and sharing between parties including the customer, service providers, the auto repair shop or a medical facility, agent, and the insurance carrier. Automated outreach via SMS or email eliminates the back and forth of phone calls and voicemail tag, and creates vital carrier capacity for their people to focus on the interactions and complex decisions where human involvement is key. Customers are offered easier ways to respond to information requests, from a quick SMS reply, to photo uploads of an ID or document instead of the time-consuming task of manual data entry after logging into portals.

Customers are offered easier ways to respond to information requests, from a quick SMS reply, to photo uploads of an ID or document instead of the time-consuming task of manual data entry after logging into portals.

Customer Experience Automation™ provides customers their expected modern digital consumer experience

Technological familiarity, proficiency, and preference is increasing steadily across all generations. The “digital only” world during the pandemic lockdown created a larger, wider audience that expects the ability of omnichannel self-service. Customer expectations for speed and transparency are already high and continue to increase.

What’s more, consumers expect real time information, and Customer Experience Automation™ allows carriers to ensure their sales distribution channels have the most current product information at their fingertips; including service and pricing information. It introduces speed into the quote and RFP intake process by automatically recognizing incomplete submissions and by reaching back to the sender instantly. Finally, CXA also allows customers to review their benefits, confirm their next premium payment, understand the status of a claim, inquire about updating their policy, and more.

Ushur’s Conversational AI and Machine Learning (ML) combine to provide automation solutions that interact with customers easily, quickly, and on their channel of choice. When a customer initiates a transaction or request for service, whether that is filing a claim or a request for information about their policy, Ushur’s Conversational AI is able to automatically detect relevant information from the inquiry and take the appropriate next step.

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