Integrate with Ushur

Industry standard integrations

  • Integrate with front and back office systems to
    automate processes end-to-end
  • Add value onto existing systems instead of ripping
    and replacing
  • Build workflows that leverage industry-standard
    core systems
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Ushur for ServiceNow is for mobile, instant, real-time resolution on the ServiceNow platform over automated messaging. Ushur integrates with ServiceNow allowing customers to confirm resolution of their incident tickets, and to request feedback with Customer Satisfaction Score (CSS) & Net Promoter Score (NPS) over messaging. Customers can confirm resolutions without logging into ServiceNow.
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Ushur’s integration with Jira Service Desk allows you to turn your approvals into quick and seamless two-way text messages. Ushur for Approvals engages with approvers on their mobile phones, and all interactions are logged back into Jira Service Desk automatically to accelerate your approval workflows.
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By combining Ushur’s AI-powered platform and your Salesforce instance, you can automate customer interactions and magically integrate them directly creating Salesforce workflow automation. Now you can dramatically improve your customer experience with Salesforce email automation, along with other high volume interactions, while reducing operational expenses.
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Ushur’s slack integration enables intelligent automation for your work activities. Automate tasks and communications where your employees are already collaborating and working. Even better, you can integrate Ushur on Slack with your backend systems to automate tedious tasks like data entry, ticket creation, and status updates. The automation includes bringing in the rich intelligent automation that Ushur has to offer into the Slack environment.
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