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ServiceNow Integration

Ushur for ServiceNow is for mobile, instant, real-time resolution on the ServiceNow platform over automated messaging. Ushur integrates with ServiceNow allowing customers to confirm resolution of their incident tickets, and to request feedback with Customer Satisfaction Score (CSS) & Net Promoter Score (NPS) over messaging. Customers can confirm or reject the resolution with additional comments through messaging without logging into ServiceNow.
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How it works

When incident status changes, it can trigger an Ushur to initiate a text message to the customer. Customers can confirm or reject the resolution with additional comments through messaging without having to login into ServiceNow. Ushur aggregates and logs all of the interactions into ServiceNow. The service also makes the appropriate state changes to the incident in ServiceNow for audit, compliance and reporting purposes.


  • Fast, Efficient Incident Workflows: Ushur installs directly into your ServiceNow instance, can be used immediately, and tailored specifically to your needs–regardless of whether you work with internal or external customers.
  • Off the shelf or customizable: No logins and no desktop instances are needed. With Ushur, companies turn their incident management workflows into easy-to-use and simple text message experiences.
  • Dashboards and Analytics: Ushur’s dashboards and analytics provide insights into customer and user patterns including service desk performance, customer satisfaction score, NPS, and other critical business KPIs.

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