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Banking Automation

Foster meaningful customer relationships with AI-powered banking automation. Leverage conversational AI to build streamlined digital interactions for customers and analytics to know your customers better
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What is Banking Automation?

Banking Automation is application of automation technology (such as customer service chatbots) to common financial service processes that don’t require human intervention. Financial institutions can use banking automation to cut costs, improve compliance, and raise overall customer satisfaction scores.

Automate the Retail Banking Customer Journey


Banking Automation Use Cases

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  • Product recommendations
  • Abandoned application nudge
  • Sign up for portal/app
  • Redeem promotional offer
  • Fee forgiveness
  • Hardship inquiry
  • File complaint
  • Update contact information
  • Resolve login issues
  • ID verification
  • KYC document
  • Signature
  • Financial wellness
  • PFM nudges
  • Set up direct deposit
  • Set up overdraft protection
  • Set up branch appointment
  • Deposit status
  • Activation with issuance
  • Recurring payments setup
  • Replace lost or stolen card
  • Request credit limit increase
  • Dispute resolution
  • Resolve fraud alert
  • Address declined charge
  • Handle missed payment
  • Offer workout plans
  • Additional information request
  • Submit supporting documents
  • Recurring payments setup
  • Request payment forgiveness
  • Refinance offer
  • Request current payoff
  • Handle missed payment
  • Offer workout plans

Create AI-driven banking workflow automations

Fee Dispute
Financial Wellness
Managing or

Banking Automation Benefits

From loan servicing and collections to hardship inquiries and account resolution, plus everything in between, financial service institutions must put their customers first. For those interactions that don’t fit or exist within a mobile application or portal, offer ease and speed by leveraging AI and Machine Learning to create self-service and proactive experiences that increase customer satisfaction and lower operational costs more than RPA can.

The Benefits of AI-Powered Customer Experience Automation™ for Banks


reduction in customer response time enabling rapid processing


of scalable service interactions that can be solved by healthcare-savvy AI

Get customers to respond and engage faster

See a marked improvement in customer response times by customer experience automation over digital channels that they prefer. Discover how one of our clients uses Ushur to rapidly decrease average contact resolution times from three weeks to an hour.
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Banking Automation FAQs

  • How does banking automation support the loan application process?
  • How can Ushur be used to optimize payment reminders and facilitate workout plans?
  • I already have a customer service center, or a texting service, why would I talk to Ushur?

Ushur enables banks and finance companies to reach out to customers via SMS or email with proactive updates on the progress of their loan applications. If additional information is needed, customers can easily and securely upload documents or answer questions. This eliminates customer friction and speeds up completed applications while reducing call and mailing costs.

Banks can immediately shift from a proactive payment reminder (or late payment alert) into creating a workout plan if the customer responds that they will miss the due date. If the customer is experiencing financial hardship, automated workflows can guide them to a secure solution to provide any necessary documents.

Great! We love that you have taken big steps on your journey to customer experience success. Ushur integrates with existing technological investments easily, and can be used to help lighten the workload on customer service representatives by easily sending out requests for missing information or communicating proactively to keep customers from calling them in the first place.

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