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Real-time, actionable customer insights

Analyze every Micro-Engagement™ across all customer engagement channels to deliver answers that your customers are looking for - all in real-time. Make digital transformation easier and customer experience campaigns more effective by analyzing and optimizing with Ushur's CXA Analytics.
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Ushur Customer Experience Analytics

  • Micro-Engagement™ analytics enable businesses to gather insights into customer behavior at every step
  • Omni-channel tracking helps IT and business teams partner closely to deliver end-to-end experience optimization - for customers and business users alike
  • Track and measure customer experience campaigns to know what's working, and more importantly, what's not working

Omni-Channel Campaigns

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Inspect Automations

  • Analyze with accuracy and act with confidence
  • Data to design customer experiences
  • Iterate quickly and run A/B tests to prove hypotheses
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Benefits for the Customer Experience

For your customers

  • Customers don't have to worry about broken processes with infinite loops because you've already found the hotspots in analytics
  • Customers get tailor-made messaging optimized based on your test results

For your business

  • Cost-efficient CX operations in the front office through a virtuous cycle of constant optimization
  • Enhanced business user experience with the help of codeless and intelligently automated middle and back-office processes
  • No need to go find a new analytics solution to optimize your customer experience--but still can export data into your data lakes if need be

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