Care Navigation: Maternal & New Baby Health

Improve maternal and new baby health outcomes

From educational materials to timely reminders and HIPAA-secure tailored guidance, equip expectant mothers with the knowledge and tools to navigate their pregnancy and postpartum journey with confidence.

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women died from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth every day in 2020.

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of maternal deaths are preventable.

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Where does the current process fall short?

  • Maternal mortality has been rising, with nearly 84% of pregnancy-related deaths thought to be preventable
  • Comprehensive care navigation models have the potential to reduce maternal morbidity by up to 50% and maternal mortality by up to 20%.

This underscores the importance of implementing innovative approaches to support healthy moms and babies, including digital care navigation, to support expectant mothers throughout their pregnancy journey.

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Improving Maternal Health and Wellness with Digital Care Navigation

Despite high spending, the U.S. faces alarming pregnancy outcomes. Discover how digital care and automation, like the Ushur CXA Platform, are revolutionizing maternity care:

  • Empowering Mothers: Personalized digital platforms offer educational resources and symptom monitoring.
  • Streamlining Care: Seamless communication among providers enhances care coordination.
  • Data-Driven Insights: AI-powered analytics personalize care plans and improve health outcomes.
  • AI Accessibility: Conversational AI and secure mobile outreach provide real-time support.
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Ushur for Every Pregnancy

Digital solutions to improve care navigation for pregnant members

The Ushur CXA AI-powered Platform enables healthcare payers to realize decreased costs in care and improved member quality of care. See how we support both.

Improve Benefit Literacy

Educate members on their benefits during pregnancy and improve understanding and access to the services available to them.

New Mother Benefits
New Pregnancy Education
Understanding your benefitsCongratulations on this next exciting chapter. Pregnancy bring many wonderful things but can sometimes feel scary. We are here to help keep you up-to-date on your health benefits and what to expect with each new phase you enter.What would you like to do next?
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Enhance Care Coordination

Mothers-to-be get tailored health tips, dietary advice, and prenatal information delivered directly to their phones, empowering them with the knowledge to make informed decisions about their health.

Circle Health
Circle, Inc.
This is a helpful tip from Circle Health as you enter week 34 of your pregnancy.
Look out for exhaustion (it's like you're back in the first trimester again), swollen ankles and so much pressure. Baby's weight and position may result in hemorrhoids, frequent (and sometimes involuntary) pee breaks and general discomfort in your pelvic area.

Enable Early Detection and Intervention

Encourage regular prenatal check-ups and preventive care to reduce likelihood of chronic health conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes and depression.

Schedule Appointment
1st Trimester Appt
Please select a specific day and time in yoru schedule for your next OB/GYN appointment.
Choose data and time
Reach their office and schedule an appointment.
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Provide Health and Wellness Education

Empower pregnant mothers to take proactive steps to improve their health and reduce the risk of chronic conditions.

Circle Health can help you every step of the way through your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd trimesters. Let's start with this quick video about what to expect.

Elevated Member experiences in weeks

Differentiate your maternal and new baby health engagements with Ushur Invisible App™. Designed by business users and deployed with a single click without the need for a traditional mobile app.

Prescription Refill
Your copay of $30 will be charged to your card ending in 2677. Do you approve?
No, I'd like to charge to a new card just this once
No, I'd like to provide a new card for charges going forward
Enroll in Copay Assistance
Customized branding for recognition and trust
A HIPAA-secure rich user experience designed to be intuitive and engaging
Minimal IT and no professional services needed
With integrated analytics to evaluate campaign effectiveness
Customized for each member and reachable 24/7
Customized branding for recognition and trust
A HIPAA-secure rich user experience designed to be intuitive and engaging
Minimal IT and no professional services needed
With integrated analytics to evaluate campaign effectiveness
Customized for each member and reachable 24/7

Focus on providing the best possible care. We have security addressed.

We know PII and security are a top concern. The Ushur CXA platform is HIPAA-secure, TCPA compliant and is HITRUST and SOC2 certified. Rest assured your working in a highly secured platform.

Security & Compliance

Ushur for Every Pregnancy

Better health outcomes for expectant mothers

The Ushur AI-powered CXA Platform enables healthcare payers to realize decreased costs in care and increased member quality of care. See how we support both.


NPS score improvement


CSAT score improvement


weeks to deploy


outbound calls eliminated

MothersHealth Payers

Expecting and Postpartum Mothers

Expectant mothers benefit from Ushur's CXA platform through timely appointment reminders, personalized health education, secure communication, real-time support, and proactive health monitoring. These features empower mothers with the tools and information they need for a confident and smooth pregnancy journey.

Health Payers

Health payers benefit from Ushur's CXA platform by streamlining maternity care processes, improving patient engagement, and optimizing resource allocation. The platform's automation capabilities, data-driven insights, and secure communication channels enable administrators to deliver high-quality care more efficiently.

Expecting and Postpartum Mothers

“The digital reach-out from my health insurer made my pregnancy so much easier with timely reminders and instant support. I felt informed and reassured every step of the way.”

Health Payers

“Ushur has revolutionized our maternity care services. We've seen significant improvements in patient satisfaction and operational efficiency.”
Ready to see solutions for Maternity and Newborn health in action?
Talk to a specialist to learn how Ushur’s AI-powered CXA platform helps health plans proactively guide pregnant mothers to better health outcomes.
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Guide to More Effective Healthcare Population Health and Wellness Communications

How to Guide Members to Take Better Health and Wellness Actions with Advanced Digital Communications

Payers have a chance to drive better health outcomes thanks to recent advances in automation technologies like process automation and artificial intelligence. Quality of care is just one piece of the puzzle - how plans engage/interact with their members is a central tenet to quality outcomes.

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Ushur for Every Pregnancy

No two pregnancies are the same, the experiences you deliver
shouldn’t be either

Ushur Experience OS (XOS) platform enables healthcare organizations to deliver personalized care navigation experiences for pregnancy.

Experience OS
Experience OS use case graphic

Care Navigation: Pregnancy

Deliver personalized information and coordination for better care during and after pregnancy.

AI Agent

An operating system for better care navigation for pregnacy

A new and bold way to think about care navigation for pregnancy. The Ushur ExperienceOS enables enterprises to deploy skilled AI Agents en masse to scale the human-like touch that customers demand. Design agents with the skills they need to support end-to-end experiences for pregnancy and assist new and soon-to-be mothers in getting better care.


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