How Healthcare is Using AI to Automate Customer Experiences

Consumerism was on the rise prior to the pandemic as we all looked for ways to make our daily interactions more convenient, safe, and efficient in a tumultuous time. We quickly adjusted our lives in response to COVID-19, amplifying this consumerism trend. Customer expectations changed, and COVID-19 forced companies of all kinds to innovate at an accelerated rate to make experiences as self-service and user-friendly as possible. During this time, the healthcare industry made rapid strides to innovate in response to changed market conditions and member and patient needs and expectations. Regardless of what happens next in our “new normal”, this evolution needs to continue, and center more and more around implementing experience automation powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to increase member and patient satisfaction, relieve staff burden, and power more self-service. Download this eBook to learn how:

  • Digital experiences are common and preferred among members and patients of all ages
  • Healthcare companies are adopting AI-powered self-service to elevate customer satisfaction and reduce operating expenses
  • Automating predictable customer touchpoints allows healthcare staff to focus their time on more complex activities
  • Five experiences are simplified by augmenting live interactions with intelligent self-service