FNOL Process Automation

Automate your FNOL Process Flow

Use Ushur’s AI and deep learning digital First Notice of Loss (FNOL) claims handler to quickly and cost-effectively automate P&C claims directly from the customer

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Circle, Inc.
Hello from Circle, Inc.
Do you need to report a new claim?
1) Yes
2) No
We are sorry to hear you need to report a claim, but we are here and ready to help. To start the claim process, please use the secure link below:
Link: claim.circle.cx
New Claim Submission
Hi Jane!

Welcome to Circle, Inc.'s claim portal. We see you have a member ID (9823579) with us. Is that correct?

Don’t leave your customers waiting. Power your service desks with AI.

Ushur’s automated FNOL insurance app provides enterprises with dramatically reduced processing times and operating costs. The customer experience is improved through an 8x reduction in FNOL processing times any time of day or night. Our Invisible App is powered by advanced AI and Deep Learning, delivering a robust FNOL automation solution at a 90% cost reduction.

Why Ushur for FNOL Process Automation

The Problem with Manual FNOL

Gathering all the information required to complete FNOL requests, can be an expensive, error-prone process and can require multiple customer touchpoints. This leads to longer claims cycle times, higher pending FNOL claims, and unhappy customers.

The Digital FNOL Automation Solution

Using Ushur's Invisible App, insurers can automate the entire FNOL interaction directly from the incident location via a two-way, automated conversation. Collect accident images, license information, documents, and relevant incident data, then automatically update claim systems.
of customer inquiries are resolved in real-time
of calls are automated to liberate your teams
improved C-SAT and NPS scores