UshurXKYC & Client Servicing

An UshurX Solution Pack

Medication Adherence

Digitally engage with members for better experiences and health outcomes.

  • Automate client engagements with minimal effort
  • Gather critical documents for KYC/CIP verification
  • Enroll customers in paperless processes
  • Survey customers to confirm preferred digital channels
  • Offer real-time support and hand-off to service experts
Circle Health VCA
Circle, Inc.
Hello Barbara Smith this is Circle Pharmacy. Your prescription starting with NOV is due to be refilled. Would you like to order your refill? Please respond with a number:

1) Yes
2) Remind me in 24 hours
3) No
Barbara Nelson
Prescription Refill
We'd like to ask you a couple of questions about your NOVOLOG. We respect your privacy, and follow strict HIPAA standards to make sure your answers are secure.

Click "Next" to continue.

AI-Powered Customer Experience Automation

Automate your medication adherence enagements with minimal effort required. Focus on uncovering and addressing root ccasues of non-adherence while elevating member experiences and outcomes.

Understand Barriers
Guide and Handhold
Begin initial education on importance of taking medications
Reiterate education on the importance of this medication
Communicate specific support and actions needed by member for areas such as:
  • Mail order information gathering (address, insurance)
  • Transportation detail sharing with how to schedule to get to pharmacy
  • Conversion to 90 day refills
  • Cost relief
Proactive communication to non-adherent members to learn the root cause of their non-adherence so those may be addressed
Follow-up communication to let them know there are resources to help them address all member-shared root causes for non-adherence (i.e. cost, transportation, adverse interactions.

Boost engagement within days

Steamline customer engagement with Ushur Invisible App™.
Prescription Refill
Your copay of $30 will be charged to your card ending in 2677. Do you approve?
No, I'd like to charge to a new card just this once
No, I'd like to provide a new card for charges going forward
Enroll in Copay Assistance
Gully customizable design for a modern, intuitive experience
Safeguard Personally Identifiable Information (PII) with a HIPAA-secure channel
Rapid time-to-value with no coding involved
Native geo-location auto-populates customer addresses, eliminating friction from manual entry
End-to-end self-service members across all channels for convenience and flexibility

What's in the Package

Customer Experience Automation, right-sized to your specific needs

Ready-to-go process automation workflows for your use case
Templatized conversational prompts and digital experiences
Out-of-the-box analytics, insights and reporting
Separate environments for development and production
12x5 support with 10hrs of professional services

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