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What is Ushur Studio?

Your no-code workspace –
from concept, to creation, to completion

Business teams are under pressure to address urgent customer needs. They want to use automation and AI, but often run into technical complexities that rely heavily on IT. IT wants to help, but struggles when timelines are tight and resources are low.

Ushur Studio empowers everyday team members to automate customer issues quickly and easily. This flexibility allows teams to pivot and adapt to immediate engagement needs through a seamless build, test and deploy automation experience.

Get started quickly with prebuilt templates

Choose from common use cases or create a new experience from scratch. Customize interfaces, workflows and prompts to match your unique business needs.
Welcome Demo
Member information
Medicaid Recertification
Redetermination Welcome
Post Event Outreach
Severe Weather Alerts
SDOH Survey
HRA Survey

Craft easily with simplified workflow creation

Sequence steps and business logic with contextual, comprehensive drag-and-drop modules - purposefully designed to enhance inbound and outbound engagement campaigns.

Troubleshoot smoothly with real-time guidance

Minimize errors and shorten cycles with proactive alerts to resolve dependencies step-by-step. Citizen developers benefit from real-time guidance, accelerating onboarding and value creation.

Test rapidly with seamless simulation and preview

Trial your creations from the end user’s experience, without the hassle of switching devices or screens. Easily update flows and compare changes for a smooth transition from prototype to production.

Smart Suggestions with Generative AI

Unlock the power of Generative AI with tailored phrase recommendations for your customer-facing conversations.

Based on vertical-safe Large Language Models (LLMs) across Insurance, Healthcare and Financial Services - Ushur’s native Gen AI ensures accuracy to mitigate incorrect responses during high-stakes engagements.
Smart Suggestions
Review and select from the suggestions below.
We noticed your payment method on file is about to expire.
Would you like to update your payment method before your card expires?
Please update your payment method soon before your account is impacted.

Speed, simplicity and security in a single platform

The Ushur Customer Experience Automation™ Platform seamlessly weaves AI capabilities and speed-to-value principles into its thoughtful design, empowering enterprises to address diverse needs through an integrated omnichannel approach.

Two-way conversations

Meet customers in their channel of choice. Reach out or respond with Conversational AI over text, voice, email, chat and more.

Dynamic digital

Collect key information and ushur stakeholders towards completion through guided prompts and personalized digital experiences.

Workflow automation

Automate processes end-to-end from intake to update. Easily connect to 3rd party applications through our No-Code Integrations.

Document processing

Unlock critical data from documents and files for efficient processing. Automate follow-ups to the sender to retrieve missing information.

Embedded AI/ML skills

Enhance decision-making with Gen AI suggestions and vertical-safe ML models. Fine-tune using your proprietary data for precise results.

Instant deployment

Upload and segment contact lists, then launch campaigns with a single click. Schedule sends or push immediately to optimize timing.

Comprehensive tracking

Monitor campaign engagement with both micro and macro analytics. Toggle between graphs, trends, and interactions for a complete view.

Secure and compliant

Safeguard sensitive data (PII and PHI) with robust end-to-end encryption through a HIPAA, HITRUST, and PCI-compliant platform.

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Ushur expedites automation velocity with Studio, powered by no-code and generative AI

Experience the future of automation with Ushur Studio. Learn how our latest innovation empowers citizen developers to create, test and deploy omnichannel digital experiences at unprecedented speeds.

Unleash the power of no-code and AI to streamline your automation journey, faster than you ever imagined.

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Ushur Studio for every stakeholder

Spend less time implementing, and more time innovating

Campaign ManagerCitizen Developer
Campaign Manager
Enterprise teams often grapple with the challenge of optimizing customer communications while working within resource constraints.

Ushur helps business stakeholders overcome these hurdles by harnessing the capabilities of AI-driven automation. With our intuitive no-code platform, teams can streamline implementation and focus more on innovating towards their goals.
Citizen Developer
Process owners possess an intimate understanding of what their customers need to succeed, yet often find themselves consumed by juggling manual, repetitive tasks instead.

Ushur empowers process owners to adapt in real-time. With user-friendly, no-code tools at their disposal, they can effortlessly update experiences and conduct A/B tests for optimal results.
When I see inefficiencies in our process, my team is able to prototype an automated solution fairly quickly. I feel empowered to actually drive change, where and when I need it most.
I appreciate the ability to go into the platform and play around with the workflows myself. It’s so much more convenient to make tweaks based on how I see customers reacting, rather than having to work through a 3rd party every time.

Integrated for complete workflow orchestration

Your Ecosystem of Intelligence

Enhance your current systems with Ushur's No-Code Integrations, delivering added value without the need for disruptive replacements.

Easily connect Customer Experience Automation to common tools, solutions and systems for integrated information sharing and end-to-end processing.
No-code integrations
Salesforce CRM is a cloud-based software that helps organization...
ServiceNow specializes in IT services management (ITSM), IT...
Cloud-based help desk management solution offering...
MS Dynamics 365
A cloud-based business application platform that...
Hubspot - Advanced
A cloud-based business application platform that...
Slack is a messaging program designed specifically for the...

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