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Invisible App™ gives customers branded app-like experiences but saves businesses from having to build, test, deploy and support traditional mobile applications and their infrastructure.

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Claims Processing
Incident Reporting
Vehicle Information Thanks for validating the policy! Next, we will need the following information regarding the incident. Who was driving?
Edit Open Responses
Incident Reporting
Vehicle Information
Thanks for validating the policy!
Who was driving?
Driver Name:
Select driver

What is Invisible App™?

Invisible App™ is a secure, browser-based container that adds a rich user interface to customer journeys. Invisible App™ makes customer experiences intuitive with a modern UI, by leveraging the power of conversational AI and workflow orchestration so users get the best experience possible. With Invisible App™, enterprises save by enabling users of any skill level to build new customer experiences–instead of depending only on developers. Engage customers in two-way conversations, while using customer data, to quickly complete tasks with back-office dependencies like:

  • Customer onboarding
  • Marketing campaign delivery
  • Upselling and cross-selling
  • Scheduling and date-picking
  • Robust surveys
  • Making payments
  • Processing orders
  • Order status
  • Call center deflections
  • Dynamic FAQs
New Product Release

Invisible App™ 2.0

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Invisible App™ 2.0

A consistent, friendly, and modernized design language

Invisible App™ (IA) 2.0 upgrades every component of the user interface. The modernized look and feel not only looks great, but also improves usability and introduces new features. The combination of all these enhancements makes this the biggest release since the launch of Invisible App™ 1.0.


From the corner radius to the dropshadows, each component in the user interface has been carefully crafted to create a cohesive design language and layers of branding for IA 2.0


In addition to the modernized appearance of each component, micro and macro animations are built into the interface. The animations provide consistent feedback when the user interacts with the UI and as a delightful confirmation of when they complete a task.

Ripple on selection image Ripple on selection
High contrast selection state High contrast selection state
Submission animation image Submission animation
Completion checkmark Completion checkmark

Usability Improvements


The way errors are visualized is now consistent and predictable across the entire Invisible App™. We also added an alert icon to errors in addition to the red color for those with difficulty seeing colors.

Errors image

Date Picker

The date picker has been updated with more intuitive and user-friendly controls for month selection. We have also separated out the calendar button and manual input field entry to avoid confusion

Date picker image

Multiple Choice

Checkbox and radio multiple choice options both now have a 50% larger touchpoint area. This reduces accidental selection as well as a more distinct feedback on what is selected. Horizontal bars, also known as menu options, have been updated so users can see a distinct visual difference between unselected and selected options.

Multiple choice image

New Features

New features image

Background branding

You now have the option to brand the background color of your Invisible App™ engagements. This takes the branding look and feel to another level by offering various methods of adding a branded visual.

Text styles / New font

The new set of text styles provides a built-in hierarchy for all the new headers and labels. Simply type in text for the Page Title, Field Question, etc. and we will show the formatted text using the appropriate text style in Invisible App™. We have increased the font size and updated our default font to Proxima Nova to improve legibility.

Container Card layout

The new container card draws attention to the important information end-users need during an Invisible App™ engagement. The card has a slight opaqueness, allowing the branding color to show through. Also, you now have the option to add a slim gradient bar with your brand color to the container.

Task completion confirmation

A new delightful animation of a checkmark can now be added to the Thank You module to give a confirmation visual up on completion of an engagement .

What is Call Deflection?

IVR Call deflection can revolutionize the way companies manage customer service using limited resources in the post-pandemic, remote work age, but only if they understand it’s true constraints and true potential.

Read How

Payments Processing

Unleash seamless, secure payments processing within minutes

Invisible App now allows for seamless payment collection through integrations with payment processors, simplifying transactions within your automation workflow.

Boost completion rates with proactive reminders and ensure a secure, hassle-free payment experience for your customers, all while maintaining PCI compliance and data encryption for enhanced security.
Invisible App™ payment processing

Invisible App™ for Every
Industry Use Case

Click through the Invisible App™ use cases below to see how enterprise-grade automation solves painful problems like data intake for healthcare, insurance, and financial services companies.
Worker's Compensation
Claim Service
Claim Payment Great news! your first claim payment will be issued on 11/15/2022. Your weekly beneift amount will be $750. Worker's Compensation benefits in CA are based on your Average Weekly Wage (AWW). Your WC benefits is two-thirds of your AWW att he time of your injury.
Claim Payment Your employer provided us with your earningsinformation to calculate your AWW. Your claims adjuster can answer any questeions you may have. Or you can learn more at the CA Dept of Industrial Relations website.
Method of Payment How would you like us to issue your payments?
Success Congratulations on completing your first Ushur! To learn more about how Invisible App can help automation your customer experiences, click below: Learn more

Automated claims service for workers' compensation benefits
Order Prescription
Reorder Prescription
Pick a Prescription According to our records, you have the following prescriptions eligible for home delivery refills. You can see the Circle Pharmacy home delivery price compaired to the Pharmacy price.
Please pick your prescriptions:
Address Selection Below are the addresses we have on file that we can ship prescriptions to. Please choose and address we have on file:
Success Congratulations on completing your first Ushur! To learn more about how Invisible App can help automation your customer experiences, click below: Learn more

Prescription reorders created and made easy
Account Management
Verification Documents Please provide two recent paystubs and your government issued ID card. Submit a file
862 MB
Success Congratulations on completing your first Ushur! To learn more about how Invisible App can help automation your customer experiences, click below: Learn more

Customer onboarding made easy

Claims Service

Automation workers compensation (WC) claims from first notice to final payment notification with intuitive user experiences and easy steps to resolution. Ushur can push information to claimants via Invisible App™ or respond to incoming inquiries sent by WC policyholders.

Prescription Reorders

Automating prescription reorder journeys with Invisible App™ makes patient experiences rich, ready on demand, and simple to create. Intelligent automation processes can leverage pharmacy management system data, update data where needed, and be available across any channel.

Customer Onboarding

Invisible App™ makes uploading documents easy for customers and providing documents like identification cards simple for businesses. Start your relationship off with an easy and rewarding experience.

Benefits of Invisible App™

The secure and compliant container is pre-built in Ushur’s drag and drop flowbuilder, but the steps to execute in your process are designed by you to match the needs of each customer experience. Brand and white-label each Invisible App™ use case and serve up data from backend systems with easy API-based integrations.

Built for Speed

Experiences can be created and deployed in less than an hour


No app downloads required for your customers


Offers a secure, encrypted channel for PHI, PII, and financial data

Rich Experience

Supports images, text, voice, video, and location services

Custom Branding

White-labeled, so you can brand your experience

End-to-End Automation

Can be used for inbound and outbound communications

Extensive Integrations

Integrated into your back-end systems for complete automation

Gain Insights

Delivers powerful data analytics to understand your customers

Invisible App™: Pre-built and Deployed via Ushur’s No-Code Flowbuilder

Benefits for your Customers

Rather than downloading an app, creating an account, remembering log-ins and suffering other barriers to adoption, customers can access fully branded, app-like experiences that have been purpose-built to deliver specific outcomes. Customers who drop off can pick up their micro-engagements™ right where they left off last time.

Branded for your own company, and built on our no-code platform, Invisible App™ offers your customers numerous benefits, including:

  • Secure
  • Modern digital channel
  • Customers can complete tasks
  • Self-service requests

Benefits for your Business

Invisible App™ provides business users the ability to automate customer engagements without needing to code. This frees up IT resources who would otherwise dedicate time to building and maintaining a traditional app—delivering lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and faster time-to-value (TTV).

A lightweight front-end built on workflow automation, Invisible App™ reduces processing time for:

  • Collecting customer information
  • Image and document uploads
  • Form fills
  • Rich media consumption
  • Reading/writing from back-end systems

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