Insurance Automation

AI-Powered, Interactive Digital Engagement

Ushur delivers Insurance carriers the ability to share, request and receive needed customer information through AI-powered,
interactive, digital self-service. Delivering frictionless interactions that leverage conversational AI to seemlessly and cost effectively augment live interactions.
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AI self-serve workflows for all

Power digital self-service for your customers and other key stakeholders across all channels, conversations, and documents with AI-driven insurance workflow automation.


  • Report accidents or time away from work
  • Introduce network providers
  • e-Sign authorizations
  • Share photos, reports, estimates

Email Triage

  • Proactive status updates
  • Outreach for critical dates
  • Request documentation


  • Submissions
  • Missing document requests
  • Cross-sell/Upsell

Status Updates

  • Coverage & benefits education
  • Safety & wellness program invitations
  • ID cards


  • Classification
  • Routing
  • Acknowledgements

Scheduling Appointments

  • For any insurance journey
  • Avoid missed calls
  • Reduce hold times

Ushur for Insurance Automation in Action

Group Benefits Quoting & RFP Intake Automation

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Guidewire Auto & Property FNOL Accelerator

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Guidewire Workers Compensation Accelerator

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Cross Sell & Upsell

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Return to Work

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Benefits Education

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Self-Service + Outreach Boost Service & Efficiency

Automated digital self-service and proactive outreach solutions both elevate customer service and improve operational efficiency

From quote submissions and policy changes to filing and resolving claims, plus everything in between, customers, claimants, agents, brokers, and providers expect digital-first and proactive service. Upgrade your customers’ experience by integrating intelligent insurance automation into your claims management, policy administration, underwriting, and billing processes. Lower costs, increase your employees’ engagement, and improve satisfaction for all.
The results we got were phenomenal, and we hadn’t written a line of code. We’d never seen anyone who could do that. From our standpoint, Ushur were the only ones out there truly doing something different.
Ken Lynch
Director of IT
Irish Life

Exceed customer expectations through secure, AI-powered insurance automation and reach beyond the capabilities of RPA

Leverage conversational AI, Natural Language Processing, and Machine Learning to create easy, automated 2-way conversations with customers, claimants, agents, brokers, and providers.

The benefits of Ushur for insurance carriers

reduction in inbound calls keeps employees focused on complex decisions
reduction in outbound calls eliminates voice mail tag
3x - 10x
faster customer response time accelerates service
CSAT & 40% improvement in NPS

Automate RFP and Quote intake. Get more wins.

Demonstrate operational excellence and business ease by streamlining intake for high-volume, complex RFP and quote requests.

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Best Practices to Improve Auto and Property Claims Experience Through Automation

This eBook outlines:
  • Best practices to improve the claims experience
  • How to use automation to communicate, personalize, and streamline
  • The top areas where forward-thinking P&C executives are already investing in automating the claims journey, with detailed examples
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Insurance Automation FAQs

How does Ushur reduce the friction in the First Notice of Loss journey?

Ushur replaces static forms (online or paper) or lengthy phone interviews with a personalized and secure conversation, where the answer to each question identifies the next best one to ask. Input is streamlined by extracting data from photos and documents. And customers can be immediately connected to provider networks to expedite their repairs.

Does email triage really apply in an insurance setting?

Absolutely and almost everywhere, driven by the use of countless shared mailboxes. Customers email accident reports to a call center inbox, followed by related bills and even status inquiries. Brokers and agents email quote requests, faxes are converted to email attachments, and providers send invoices. Immediately identifying and routing each email to the right person who can actually provide service is essential.

When do FAQs benefit the customer experience policyholders in an insurance setting?

Our platform replaces scrolling lists of FAQs, which can add friction to customers' experience, with a conversational interface that allows them to ask specific questions and get the answer they want. Customers can more quickly learn important information, such as their policy coverage, how to change their benefits, or what to expect if they file a claim.

Ready to level up your Customer Experiences?

Explore the Ushur Platform, or contact sales now and start improving and automating customer experiences with incredible self-service options. You can contact us to design a custom solution for your business.

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