Use intelligent automation for product education, cross-selling and quoting to reduce time-to-close and increase closing rates
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What is Sales Enablement Automation?

Sales Enablement Automation is the integration of automated workflows across the sales cycle. By automating tasks like information verification, reminders, and quote creation, sales and operations team members are freed up to focus more time on their most impactful work while customers can get what they need with less wait time for confirmations, replies, or additional information.

Sales Enablement Automation that Seals the Deal

With AI sales enablement, customer support, sales, and operations teams can deliver powerful self-service tools across the digital channels customers are already engaging with. Our sales enablement software powered by artificial intelligence, automates customer engagements over email, web, SMS, and more, integrating directly CRMs (SalesforceServiceNow) and other top sales tools - all without having to code.

Ushur equips teams with sales enablement tools that improve the efficacy of time-consuming sales tasks like account updates, support resolutions, email routing, document uploading, and a lot more. By implementing sales enablement powered by AI, customers can realize a 99% reduced quoting process time and 41% improvement in close rates, all deployed in a matter of days, not weeks.

The Problem with Traditional Sales Enablement

With insurance selling, brokers are often limited to legacy forms of engagement in order to sell products, such as exchanging static documents, phone calls, and paper mail. When looking for updated information on products and services, both brokers and customers need to sift through a plethora of buried emails and links to find the relative content. These points of friction in the sales process results in long lead times, poor communication, and a lack of engagement.

The Solution is AI and Sales Enablement

Using Ushur’s drag-and-drop workflow orchestration, insurers create interactive mobile campaigns that are dynamic, rich with information, and convert quickly. Product education is texted to customers via Ushur’s Invisible App, where your sales the prospects can conveniently browse to learn more, speak with an agent, or immediately get a quote. Information becomes much more readily available with communication happening in real-time. Sales cycles shorten, making both brokers and customers happier.


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