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Aflac is an American insurance company and is the largest provider of supplemental insurance in the United States.
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The insurance industry is known for its slow response time to new problems. However, with Ushur, an innovative technology company, one insurance company was able to solve their communication problems and provide their sales team with real-time access to data and information.

Aflac came to Ushur through a venture capital program that resembled a Shark Tank experience. They presented their sales communication problem and explained that they needed a tool that would get data and information into the hands of their sales team quickly. Ushur was able to help them develop a solution that would allow their sales team to quickly respond to brokers' inquiries and look smart in front of them.

Aflac was impressed with the speed at which Ushur was able to develop a solution. Within six months, the tool was available and being used by their sales team. They were able to track metrics to see if it was working and make necessary adjustments.

Working with Ushur also provided benefits beyond just solving the communication problem. The tool allowed Aflac to analyze data to see what brokers wanted to know most, what topics they needed more data on, and what their sales team needed more training on. This information allowed them to change their marketing and training tactics.

The adoption of the tool was slow at first, with some early adapters and some late adapters. However, with time, the tool became an essential part of their sales team's work. With the onset of COVID-19, the tool proved more useful, as the sales team was not meeting brokers as much as before. Aflac is excited to see the analytics and data increase once the sales team is back out in the field.

Overall, working with Ushur was a success for Aflac, providing them with a nimble tool that allowed them to solve their communication problem and analyze data to improve their sales tactics.

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