Two-Way Texting

Respond with empathy using Conversational AI

Put two-way, AI-driven, automated conversations in the hands of customers and customer service teams to keep customers engaged and satisfied, and automate complex experiences.
  • AI-powered automated two-way communications
  • Secured with enterprise-grade compliance: HIPAA, GDRP, HITRUST etc.
  • Automated to let customers self-service according to their needs
  • Builds long-term relationships and loyalty
  • Use cases like: appointment reminders/updates, cross-sell, and enrollment
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Circle, Inc.
Hi Jane! How can we help you today?
I would like to open a savings account
Okay, I will have to get a little bit more information. Let's use this secure portal to collect any personal information:

Ushur for Two-Way Texting

Conversational Apps™ provides businesses to create and deploy conversational AI solutions for their customer engagement processes. The platform leverages advanced AI and machine learning technologies to create interactive and personalized conversations with customers, allowing businesses to engage with them in real-time and at scale.

Conversational Apps is omni-channel, allowing businesses to develop solutions that work across SMS, the Ushur Invisible App™, email and voice.
of text messages are opened
of texts are read within 3 minutes of being received
of customers would like to text with businesses

Blog Post

Automation can support texting customers

There have been many a lively conversation between Ushur and external companies who are replacing their aging person-to-person texting solution or contemplating introducing one for the first time, and we decided to turn it into a piece on digital transformation and the channels enterprises choose to support and why.

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The Ushur Platform for Two-Way Texting

A product to meet end-to-end automation

Conversational Apps™

Leverage the power of conversational AI and workflow orchestration to engage customers in two-way conversations, while using customer data, to quickly complete tasks with back-office dependencies
Conversational Apps™
Circle, Inc.
Hi Jane!
Here is the link to finish filling out your claim:
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Optimize customer experiences to be responsive

While customer service reps handle only call at a time, automated two-way messaging lets customer service teams engage as many customers as they need
Complete forms
Gather critical information from customers in the channels they prefer instead of via static forms
Appointment scheduling
Offer customers the ease of texting to change their appointments and save agents the need to handle calls for rote tasks
Auto-Respond to FAQs
Customers don't need to filter through lengthy FAQs to get the essential information they need
Send Notifications
Reduce the expense of manually sending notifications and information to customers by automatically sending alerts
Capture missing data
Seamlessly reach your customers who are always on the move or do not have the time to speak with your customer support agents.
Secure and transparent
Two-way messaging securely gathers and distributes enterprise data
Account updates
Automate your form completion process, appointment scheduling, missing data collection, and so much more.
Optimize and improve customer experiences with campaign and user-level data

Case Studies for Two-Way Texting

Benefitfocus reduces operational costs while educating new hires


Client was sending 11,000 letters monthly by mail to educate employer group new hires on their available benefits. The mailers were expensive, ineffective, and undesirable to the members who favored a more “green” digital option to receive information. The letters were a one-way information push, and the members didn’t have a convenient digital way to interact with questions.


The client hired Ushur, and launched Ushur Conversational Apps™ and Invisible App™ to deliver this critical benefit information in an interactive, digital, HIPAA-secure way. The solution starts with critical new hire benefits onboarding support, and opened the door for ongoing benefits-related communications as well. This solution is equally effective for reaching other dependents on the plan who are critical in benefits adoption and utilization.
Read how here
My favorite feature of flow-builder/Invisible App™ is the ability to ‘preview’ the engagement from the configuration screen to ensure branding, theming and verbiage will appear as expected. Our customer is delighted that we can deliver custom welcome engagements week-over-week to thousands of members.
Katey KollSenior Product Manager


The Smart Guide to Conversational AI for Customer Service

In this conversational AI e-book, you’ll learn:
  • What conversational AI is and why businesses are adopting it
  • How to implement a platform that prioritizes customer experiences
  • Why conversational AI compliments service agents
  • The difference between chatbots vs. conversational AI vs. virtual agents
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Benefits of the Ushur Platform for Two-Way Texting

Texting Drives Digital Engagement Strategies with a Customer-First Mindset

Customers of all ages and varieties prefer engaging over SMS when interacting with enterprises. Supporting two-way messaging gives them access to self-service that email or voice alone doesn't support. Use conversational AI and process automation offer immediate support via two-way texting.

Respond naturally and automatically

Natural language dialogue and secure frameworks atop SMS help customers deliver intuitive automation, securely. Give customers the chance to speak or text as the need or want.

Build experiences without code

The Ushur no-code flowbuilder helps non-technical users set up workflows. Give customers personalized and immediate responses, and leverage pre-trained AI to identify intent and resolve questions.

For all your customer interactions

Seamlessly reach your customers who are always on the move or do not have the time to speak with your customer support agents.
Offer customers the ease and convenience of texting. Increase resolution rates, freeing up agent time to handle sensitive interactions.
Automate your form completion process, appointment scheduling, missing data collection, and so much more.
Eliminate repetitive administrative tasks as information is automatically ported to your backend systems.

Powerful analytics for real-time insights

Continuously improve future conversations with meaningful analytics. Ushur stores all conversations in a highly secure chat log for easy review and compliance.

Customer Service/Agent Framework

Ushur assists support agents and customer service representatives by letting them review and modify incoming data, or documents, to drive case resolution. Employees in the midst of an engagement with a customer can approve information submitted, and re-engage with them if needed to update information.