The Smart Guide to Conversational AI for Customer Service

Do conversational AI platforms really help customer engagement?

Brands left and right are adopting AI-powered chatbots and other virtual assistants to level up customer support. Or at least that’s how it seems—especially if you’re late to the curve. This e-book skips the techie-buzzwords to focus on the direct business impacts of conversational AI for customer service. Discover the most effective Conversational AI use cases, the differences between various conversational AI platforms and products and why conversational AI makes customers and employees so happy.

In this conversational AI e-book, you’ll learn:

  • What is conversational AI, really, and why businesses are adopting it now
  • How to implement a platform that prioritizes customer experiences
  • Why conversational AI compliments (not threatens) service agents
  • The difference between chatbots vs. conversational AI vs. virtual agents

The bare minimum artificial intelligence terms you need to know, including machine learning, natural language understanding and natural language processing.