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Benefitfocus reduces operational costs while educating new hires

11kMonthly count of physical letters customers spared from sending
$44kmonthly costs saves by shifting from paper mail to digital automation

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With over 20 years working to simplify the process of administering employee benefits that range from health plans to pet insurance, Benefitfocus delivers technology solutions that make it easier than ever to simplify employee benefits administration, increase workforce engagement, and provide end-to-end experiences for health plans to achieve digital transformation.

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My favorite feature of flow-builder/invisible app is the ability to ‘preview’ the engagement from the configuration screen to ensure branding, theming and verbiage will appear as expected. Our customer is delighted that we can deliver custom welcome engagements week-over-week to thousands of members.
Katey KollSenior Product Manager


  • Client was sending 11,000 letters monthly by mail to educate employer group new hires on their available benefits.
  • The mailers were expensive, ineffective, and undesirable to the members who favored a more “green” digital option to receive information.
  • The letters were a one-way information push, and the members didn’t have a convenient digital way to interact with questions.


  • The client hired Ushur, and launched Ushur Conversational Apps™ and Invisible App™ to deliver this critical benefit information in an interactive, digital, HIPAA-secure way. The solution starts with critical new hire benefits onboarding support, and opened the door for ongoing benefits-related communications as well.
  • This solution is equally effective for reaching other dependents on the plan who are critical in benefits adoption and utilization.