Customer Experience Automation™ (CXA) powered by AI

Deploy delightful digital-first self-serve customer experiences through the industry’s first purpose
 built customer experience platform.
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Omni-Channel Engagement

  • Offer a consistent, personalized experience across all channels
  • Deflect requests from manual channels to reduce time & effort in servicing customers

AI-Powered Platform

Automate more use cases end-to-end with AI/ML to listen, understand and act on conversations and documents exchanged.

Codeless Process Orchestration

Achieve the fastest time-to-value using CX-based modules to build, test and launch customer-facing workflows.

Enterprise-Grade Capabilities

Optimize customer experience and operational efficiency without introducing security gaps, system silos or rip & replace.

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Core Capabilities


Ushur's modular design philosophy:
  • Start quickly and scale—add use cases as you grow
  • Deploy solutions with velocity to move rapidly and get quick wins
  • Layer over your current infrastructure—no rip and replace


AI-powered, scalable, and resilient:
  • Dynamic, responsive AI for conversational and knowledge-work automation
  • Process incoming data in any form with AI capabilities at Ushur’s core for both conversational and document automation
  • Enrich conversations and respond to intent with domain-specific machine learning

Easy to Use

Democratize automation for all:
  • Turn business users and knowledge workers into citizen developers with a no-code interface
  • Speed up time-to-value while liberating IT resources
  • Design & deploy fully self-served experiences using drag-and-drop capabilities


Action-oriented insights:
  • Real-time, easy to understand analytics across every channel
  • Granular interaction-tracking for simplified audits and reporting
  • Conversational-level views help you understand customer experiences in depth


Industry standard integration:
  • Integrate with front and back office systems to automate processes end-to-end
  • Add value onto existing systems instead of ripping and replacing
  • Build workflows that leverage industry-standard core systems

Invisible App™

Ushur Invisible App™ gives a rich app-like experience without the heavy lift to develop it. Process PII, PHI and financial data in a secure and encrypted channel.

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White-labeled, familiar digital experience, purpose built for every customer Micro-Engagement™


Pass and receive sensitive data not suited for text messages


AI & ML deployable with the click of a button

State of the Art AI

Ushur’s AI Lab is the incubator for the proprietary machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities that
 serve as the underpinning for our automation capabilities across language and document processing.

Language Intelligence

Ushur’s Language Intelligence Services Architecture (LISA) is a broad set of state-of-the-art capabilities that enable your workflows to understand and respond intelligently to customer conversations using industry-specific models.
Ushur’s Natural Language Processing (NLP), Natural Language Understanding (NLU), Sentiment Analysis, Deep Learning, Topic Detection, and Meta-Data Mapping combine to form a first of its kind language processing framework.

Document Intelligence

Ushur’s Document Intelligence Services Architecture (DISA) makes it easy to build responsive customer experiences even when processes depend on data in document form. DISA makes documents machine-readable.

Ushur’s transfer learning-based services drive the intelligent document processing framework to enable customer experiences that leverage structured and unstructured data throughout several file types, including, but not limited to: CSV, XLS, DOC, PDF and ACORD.

Enterprise-Grade SaaS Security

The most comprehensive security and compliance portfolio—designed with highly regulated industries
 in mind.

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Ushur in Motion

Ushur is already automating key business processes from start to finish for companies like yours. Watch 
the Ushur Customer Experience Automation™ (CXA) platform in action.

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