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Conversational Apps™

Conversational Apps enable AI-driven conversations across any channel

Automatically process emails, documents and forms in real-time while keeping customers in-the-loop through personalized Micro-Engagements™.
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What are Conversational Apps™?

Ushur Conversational Apps™ are the just-in-time conversations built on the Ushur Customer Experience Automation™ platform to accomplish a specific task like gathering information or delivering status. Ushur uses a no-code builder to simplify designing conversations for business users and IT teams. Conversational Apps™ ensure customers receive timely communication touchpoints proactively or in response to a query, and can leverage conversational AI where appropriate. Conversational Apps™ accelerate customer service initiatives, and save significant costs on support by delivering your customers the information they need in the channels they prefer.

How Conversational Apps™ works

Conversational Apps™ takes Ushur’s no-code automation platform, state of the art Natural Language Processing (NLP), and agile software lifecycle management approach to design conversational workflows once and deploy across email, SMS, voice and social media.

Include Ushur’s Invisible App™ into the same workflow to seamlessly escalate from a common channel into a rich, secure, app-like experience.

Use Conversational Apps™ to service requests outside of business hours, proactively communicate news or recent events, and collect key pieces of information to expedite resolution - enabling you to support customers at the time and place most convenient to them.

Customer conversations can take place at any time, on any channel

Self Service

Collect key pieces of information via digital channels with self-service or during a live agent interaction


Automate and deflect conversations onto preferred channels for greater operational efficiency


Integrate with core enterprise applications to push data or update systems of records

Eliminate your backlog and liberate your agents to focus on high-value engagements - all while showing your customers you care by meeting them in the channel of their choice.

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What is Customer Experience Automation™ (CXA)?

Often the application of automation technology is focused either on handling only front-end customer service inquiries or managing back-office processes. CXA looks to solve these shortcomings.

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Benefits of Conversational Apps™

Setup in Minutes

Easily orchestrate conversational workflows without any coding or technical expertise. Ushur’s No-Code Flow Builder enables business users to drag and drop prebuilt actions to gather customer data or deliver just-in-time communications.

Without the time and expense of traditional software application development, enterprises can create, test and deploy customer experience initiatives faster than ever before.

Empower Agents

Equip agents with secure and simple information gathering tools at their disposal - enabling them to push conversational experiences to customers across digital channels at any point during the live interaction.

Speed up communications while providing a higher quality of service with Conversational Apps. Allow agents to collect customer documents and files, analyze key data and evaluate critical decision points through an automated and AI-powered customer experience.

Integrate Systems

Customer queries result in excessive swivel-chair action without the right data at hand. Conversational Apps makes it simple and automatic to leverage relevant information from core systems to service the customer’s request.

Connect conversational workflows directly to core enterprise systems with Ushur’s no-code integrations. Surface API-based information to personalize the interaction and minimize input on the customer’s behalf. Collect customer data and update systems of records in real-time without any agent intervention. Ushur easily integrates into your existing ecosystem without any rip-and-replace.

Respond 24/7

Manually responding to each customer service request can extend turnaround time by days. Automate frequent inquiries with conversational AI and business logic, powered by Ushur’s Conversational Apps. Liberate your agents and address customer needs without delays.