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Medication Adherence Support

Many pharmaceutical companies rely on Ushur's HIPAA-secure omni-channel Customer Experience Automation™ platform to support patient self-service for onboarding, orders, reorders product education, surveys, and more. This video shows an example of a prescription medication reorder and delivery updates delivered through Ushur's HIPAA-secure Invisible App. This enables convenient patient order self-service via their channel of choice without having to remember their login to a website portal or app, or having to wait on hold with a call center.

Ushur Invisible App can incorporate smartphone functionality like the selection of an address on a map, as shown here. The map allows the patient to choose a delivery address for this refill. Other smartphone capabilities such as calendaring and even document e-signing may also be utilized within Ushur engagements.

Ushur's built-in OCR capabilities can scan the card and pull in needed information automatically. This information can be securely passed to client payment processing systems from here.

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