Health Risk Assessment

Many healthcare companies rely on Ushur's HIPAA-secure omni-channel Customer Experience Automation™ platform to launch complex member and patient surveys, capture information, share educational information, and more. This is an example of a health risk assessment (HRA) survey delivered through the HIPAA-secure Ushur Invisible App.

Survey engagements commonly start with an SMS message as shown here. These messages may be triggered via a phone system IVR when members or patients are calling in, or be sent as push messages to targeted audiences. Personalized user data is pulled from backend systems like a CRM. The secure link shown below the text message leads to Ushur's Invisible App, where PII may be exchanged securely. The link and the Invisible App experience can both be branded for our clients.

Once that link is clicked, Ushur Invisible App launches and the member is authenticated. Then the health risk assessment survey begins in an app-like experience that supports two-way member and patient interactions in a HIPAA-secure environment. No app download is required and no information that's exchanged during the interaction is stored on the user's phone. During the HRA engagement, data may be exchanged two-way between front and back end systems.

The first part of this example, HRA survey captures information related to consumer language and channel preferences. Multiple choice survey options are shown. Next we gather primary care provider information. Notice how the survey questions build dynamically based on previous answers. Ushur Invisible App can incorporate native smartphone functionality, like calendar date selection in a rich ui, as shown here.

Other smartphone capabilities such as maps and even document e-signing may also be utilized within Ushur engagements. Important messaging that explains a survey purpose and supports survey completion is shown here. In this section we show more common health risk assessment questions in a multiple choice format. Other survey tools such as a progress bar, shown here, give the member a way to know where they are in relation to survey completion. Progress bars help decrease survey abandonment.

Drop-down lists of answers and other question and answer formats may also be presented as, shown here. Free-form Q&A sets may also be incorporated. This survey example ends with a confirmation of completion and educates the member on next steps. The closing message can also include links to informational support or other areas a client wishes to direct members or patients to visit. All of the information shared in this interaction will be sent to client systems for follow-up and actions that clients have previously defined. Automated emails may even be triggered to clinical resources as needed.

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