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Partners: AWS

AWS and Ushur's partnership transforms the established cloud provider into an essential solution for insurance carriers, healthcare companies, and financial services institutions to shorten time to value while delivering a world-class customer experience.

Where does Ushur fit in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) ecosystem?

Ushur has partnered with AWS to make acquiring the Ushur platform, and deploying customer experiences, even simpler by listing it on the AWS Marketplace. Enterprises have already invested huge sums of money into their cloud providers, and AWS is the world's leading provider. Now companies can leverage Ushur's conversational AI to securely automates inbound and outbound interactions with its API-based design. With Ushur's no-code workflow builder and industry-specific templates, business analysts can design and deploy customer experiences in hours or days, while lessening the demand on their IT teams.


  • Achieve rapid speed to value for both improved customer experience and operational efficiency
  • Connect with additional backend systems to create a consistent experience across all lines of business
  • Deploy your customer conversation in weeks, then add more in hours or days
  • Lighten the workload of your key IT partners by making it easy to introduce certified technology that makes automation easy

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