Slack Integration

Ushur’s Slack integration enables intelligent automation for your work activities. Automate tasks and communications where your employees are already collaborating and working. Even better, you can integrate Ushur on Slack with your backend systems to automate tedious tasks like data entry, ticket creation, and status updates. The automation includes bringing in the rich intelligent automation that Ushur has to offer into the Slack environment.
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Once Ushur is installed on slack, when a user wishes to file a ticket, they simply type their issue and initiate the Ushur App to handle that issue or they type /ushur createticket followed by giving the ticket description. Ushur’s Natural Language Understanding will read the unstructured text and classify it into a particular category, automatically files a ticket in your backend system (Jira, ServiceNow, Zendesk, etc.), and responds to the user with the ticket details. Ushur then provides the user with status updates throughout the lifecycle of the ticket. Or maybe the user might just need a knowledge article or FAQ. Ushur is able to automatically send those based on the classification of the request. The work flows themselves can be customized in the Ushur app and deployed instantly.


  • No login to service desk applications
  • Meet your employees on their preferred communication channel
  • Speed up help desk processes
  • Eliminate manual data entry
  • Bring intelligent automation offered by Ushur into Slack