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Jira Integration

Ushur’s integration with Jira Service Desk allows you to turn your approvals into quick and seamless two-way text messages. Ushur engages with approvers on their mobile phones, and all interactions are logged back into Jira Service Desk automatically to accelerate your approval workflows.
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  • Mobile number opt-in process
  • Support for multiple approval requests per approver simultaneously
  • Works with existing Jira Service Desk workflows
  • View additional details of the request without logging into Jira Service Desk
  • Auth-based single sign-on with Jira Service Desk credentials
  • No need to configure numbers in Jira Service Desk
  • Works in 192 countries and in 60 language


  • Great for teams on the go: With Ushur’s Jira integration, approvals and process reviews are all mobile-based and easy to consume. Even if your users end up in front of a laptop, Ushur’s responsive Invisible App gives them the same unified experience.
  • Accelerated workflows: Save time and work with your team more efficiently using Ushur. Ushur workflows deploy with a single click and it is easy to test multiple Ushur's at a time. Ushur handles the deployment infrastructure so you don’t have to.
  • Make tickets simple: Service desk tickets need attention at the right time and status updates proactively. Ushur simplifies tickets with text message-based updates and provides action-oriented information to make resolving tickets hassle-free.

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