Partner: Amazon Connect

Ushur integrates with Amazon Connect to make gathering data and assisting agents an easy-to-build call center solution for any IT and business team. If a customer needs help from a customer support center at critical moments in their journey, integrating Ushur guarantees agents will receive all necessary data to guide users to process completion.

The Ushur and Amazon Connect Benefit

Agents get the power of automation and also can be reached by customers with just one click any time a customer gets stuck.

Enable Customers on Every Channel

Customers can pick up where they left off and agents can leverage all data already provided with Ushur + Amazon Connect

Ease IT Burdens

Build customer experiences in a no-code development environment and deploy with a single click

Help Agents Gather Data

Ushur Invisible App can call agents queues when needed or be issued by agents when data is missing
The Ushur CXA platform and Amazon Connect integration make deflection from inbound phone calls and subsequent re-engagement a ready-to-display solution within your enterprise customer experience strategy. Ushur already helps enterprises address gaps in their customer epxerience across insurance, healthcare and financial services. Work with our experience and integration experts to inject agility into your voice-dependent workflows.

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