Warm Member Welcome

Many healthcare companies rely on Ushur’s HIPAA secure, omni-channel Customer Experience Automation™ platform to launch complex member and patient surveys, capture information, share educational information and more. This is an example of a Member Warm Welcome delivered through Ushur’s HIPAA secure Invisible App technology.

Survey engagements commonly start with an SMS welcome message as shown here. These messages may be triggered via a phone system IVR when members or patients are calling in, or be sent as push messages to targeted audiences. Personalization data is pulled from back-end systems like a CRM. The secure link shown below the text message leads to Ushur’s Invisible App where PHI may be exchanged securely. The link, and the Invisible App experience can be branded for our clients.

Once that link is clicked, Ushur’s Invisible App launches and the member is authenticated. No app download is required, and no information exchanged during the interaction is stored on the user’s phone. During this engagement, data may be exchanged two ways between front and back-end systems.

Member warm welcome engagements can welcome members to their health plan, share details on benefits and support services, and even share and gather documents and other information. Here we show how a member ID card can be delivered via digital self-service and stored on the user’s phone for future use. Now contact information is verified. At first, an incorrect phone number format is entered, and Ushur detects that automatically and prompts the member to re-enter it. Once the number is entered correctly, basic health information is gathered. This survey question allows for more than one answer to be selected. Invisible App has many survey Q&A setup options.

Here, an embedded video is displayed that shares more information. This can be setup so a member can follow a link to a health plan website to view the video. Now, information about additional benefits is offered, and the primary care provider confirmation is displayed. The welcome journey can continue from here to allow the member to choose a provider nearby. Smartphone capabilities such as maps can be incorporated at this point. All of the information shared in this interaction will be sent to client systems for follow-up and actions that clients have defined. Automated emails may even be triggered to clinical resources as needed.

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