Group Benefits Quoting & RFP Intake Automation

Ushur is a customer-facing automation platform that uses purpose-built AI to understand customers across email, mobile, voice, and documents. Ushur can automate claims, customer service, and even sales journeys, lowering operational expense, reducing turnaround time, and even driving top-line results.

In the video, the Ushur platform is used to automate the process of handling request for proposal (RFP) from brokers. When a broker sends an email with an RFP, Ushur automatically identifies any errors or missing information in the email and attachments. Ushur then provides a secure digital channel for the broker to provide the missing information. Once the information is complete, Ushur populates it into the carrier's CRM system and underwriting system. This entire process can be completed in minutes, reducing turnaround time, improving close ratios, and increasing broker loyalty.

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