Irish Life and Ushur Email Routing - A Fresh Look at Customer Engagement

How does email routing automation improve customer service?

For almost 80 years, Irish Life has had one mission: “To help people build better futures.” So when they saw a way to respond faster to the hundreds of thousands of emails their corporate division receives each year, they took it. Irish Life used Ushur’s SmartMail, an automated email routing software solution, to instantly steer messages to the right department, more accurately than human agents. Ushur’s conversational AI understands the meaning of each email and routes it to the proper authority. No delays. No backlogs. “The results we got were phenomenal, and we hadn't written a line of code,” one Irish Life representative said.

In this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • How Irish Life used Ushur’s SmartMail to automate its email triage process
  • What convinced Irish Life to select Ushur’s SmartMail solution
  • Irish Life’s results after deployment
  • Why Ushur’s conversational AI platform stood out from every other solution on the market
  • How working with Ushur inspired Irish Life to modernize its approach to customer communications
  • How Irish Life plans to expand its use of email automation tools in the near future

Download the email routing case study below