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Many biopharmaceutical companies rely on Ushur's omnichannel Customer Experience Automation™ platform to support patient self-service for clinical trials, as well as over-the-counter and prescription medication support and adherence. This video shows an example of multiple phases of a clinical trial journey delivered through Ushur's HIPAA-secure Invisible App technology. This enables convenient patient clinical trial screening appointment setting and study check-ins. This scenario quickly walks through a demonstration of Ushur supporting clinical trial pre-screening questions.

These engagements commonly start with an SMS message, as shown here. The message is branded to the biopharma company for familiarity. The secure link shown below the text message leads to Ushur's Invisible App where PHI and other information and documentation may be exchanged securely. The link can be client branded. No app download is required and no information exchanged during the interaction is stored on the user's phone. During this engagement data may be exchanged two-way between front and back end systems.

This demonstration starts with two-factor authentication. The authentication process is customizable to fit client protocols and processes. A series of clinical trial screening questions are shown here. These can be customized to meet client needs with the patient guided through a series of questions that can be tailored based on their previous answers. Advanced features such as maps and calendars can be incorporated thanks to the functionality of a smartphone. Survey questions can build based on patient answers, as seen below here. The Ushur can automatically indicate when a patient is able to proceed to the next phase in the screening process based on the prior survey answers. In this example, the patient may schedule a date and time to meet with the clinical trial research team.

Now we will show the next phase of the patient clinical trial journey: confirmation of the patient appointment with the clinical team. We start with an SMS message that leads to the two-factor authentication process in the Invisible App. The patient appointment details are shown here with the ability for them to confirm or reschedule the appointment. The demo shows how quickly a patient can reschedule. An email confirmation may be sent out via an Ushur to the patient as a reminder, as shown here.

Now we will show the next phase of the patient clinical trial journey: review and electronic signature of the informed consent form. We start with an SMS message that leads to the two-factor authentication process in the Invisible App. Then we show the process of presenting a document for signature. The journey ends with a confirmation of signature and information on next steps. At this point the informed consent may also be emailed to the patient.

Now we will show the next phase of the patient clinical trial journey: ongoing clinical trial patient check-ins and support. Again this is a great self-service way to capture overall patient health information as well as identify any adverse reactions or events. Based on the answers to the survey questions additional patient support may be provided real-time and data may also be sent to back-end systems and teams who need to be made aware for reporting and patient follow-up purposes. Survey questions may be multiple choice or even free-form text entry.

This concludes the patient clinical trial journey demo. Learn more about how Ushur can support you in augmenting live interactions with intelligent omnichannel self-service. Visit

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