Quoting & RFP Intake Automation

Automate RFP and Quote intake. Get more wins.

Demonstrate operational excellence and business ease by streamlining intake for high-volume, complex RFP and quote requests.
Boost business with faster, more precise quotes
Sharpen AI skills to process incoming emails and attachments
Auto-triage and respond to emails with context
Identify and collect missing information from the sender
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Simplify RFP Intake with Ushur

Your Quoting and RFP Intake process is littered with pesky points of friction. Volumes are high and requests are complex - putting strain on your resources and delaying response time.

Ushur streamlines your RFP intake process from receipt to reply. Classify emails, extract data and update systems with a no-code AI-powered automation approach.
5 days to 5 minutes
reduction in turnaround time
of RFP requests automated
3 months
From inception to deployment


Guide to More Efficient and Effective
Group Benefits Communications

In a competitive landscape with cost pressures and scarce resources, group benefits companies face diverse challenges, many of which are communication hurdles.

Key stakeholders such as benefits brokers, employers, and employees, require effective engagement to drive value. Learn how to interact better and service faster through an automated, AI approach.
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A poor quoting and RFP intake process affects all. See how AI delivers productivity across the board.

EmployeesBroker or Benefits ConsultantCarrier
Employers are constantly pressured to provide the best group plan options at the lowest cost. Having strong information and positive references ensures they can make the best decision for their own employees.

Ushur helps employers and their groups experience smooth and seamless carrier relationships through AI-powered automation, improving engagement and service overall.
Invisible App™
Broker or Benefits Consultant
Brokers juggle multiple interactions with countless carriers during peak contract shopping seasons. They rely on simple, efficient RFP processes to deliver great service onto their own clients.

When brokers or consultants work with AI-enabled carriers, they can expect easy communications, faster turnarounds, and a better partner experience overall.
Invisible Portal™
Carriers struggle with completing RFP and quote intake in a timely and efficient manner. This causes delays that impacts business and brand.

Ushur streamlines all intake operations for complex requests and attachments through a fast, no-code, AI-powered solution.
Intelligent Document Automation™
My broker always manages to bring me the best rates. I love working with them, business is fast and options are strong. He makes the contact evaluation process easy.
Broker or Benefits Consultant
Working with a carrier that responds in a timely manner and makes communications easy really simplifies the whole quote shopping experience. I will be more inclined to work with them in the future.
Even in weeks during the busy season, when we get a quote request from a broker, we can have it set up in our systems without human interaction and turn an accurate quote around much quicker than the industry average.

The Ushur Platform for RFP and Census Automation

AI-powered automation for Quoting and RFP Intake

Delivering speed, security & simplicity in a single solution
Request Intake
Classify requests
Parse attachments
Respond to sender
Invisible Portal™
File Processing
Extract key data
Clean & validate data
Respond to sender
Intelligent Document Automation™
Data Reconciliation
Review data output
Collect missing items
Update file accordingly
Invisible App™
Conversational Apps™
System Update
Update systems
Notify stakeholders
Initiate next steps


Equitable expedites quote intake with AI-powered RFP automation


Equitable was looking for a more efficient way to manage high volumes of quote requests requiring manual processing of complex RFP files.


Equitable streamlined inbound requests, file processing and broker engagement using Ushur’s purpose-built AI. This reduced their turnaround time for quote proposals from 5 days to 5 minutes, achieved in 3 short months.
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Blog Post

Extracting information from unstructured emails - an RFP intake pipeline

Hear from the Ushur AI Labs team on which challenges they’re solving for Group Benefits carriers during peak quoting seasons.
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RFP & Quoting Intake FAQs

Why use an automation solution like Ushur for an RFP process?

The RFP process has revenue implications, and often the easiest carrier to work with will be one that brokers prefer working with in the future. Automation helps brokers works with carriers confidently, and respond expediently. That means carriers can expect more revenue and more opportunities for business.

Why use these three products for RFP/Census automation?

Ushur SmartMail, Ushur Intelligent Document Automation, and Ushur Invisible App, are all essential pillars in the document-centric, high-volume solutions that Ushur deploys. Ushur SmartMail streamlines the high volume of inbound emails that carriers tend to receive by identifying and routing them to the correct users/departments. Ushur Intelligent Document Automation (IDA) is responsible for extracting key-value pairs and identifying incorrect or missing data in submitted documents. Ushur Invisible App is deployed by carriers to securely gather missing information or missing documentation. The three Ushur products together offer pre-built capabilities that make RFP/census automation deployments feasible in weeks instead of years.

My documents and forms are specific to my business, so how does Ushur automate against those?

The Ushur AI Labs team works with our customers to update any document-based models that the RFP automation process depends upon. The Ushur proprietary Document Intelligence Services Architecture (DISA) is composed to make the model update and deployment process painless for Ushur customers.

What if my RFP/Census process only needs a portion of these automation capabilities?

Ushur never locks customers into products or pre-built solutions. We strive to ensure every customer sees value from their engagements and deployments with Ushur, and can customize each to maximize the value that Ushur helps deliver.

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