Durable Medical Equipment Order Refill

Many healthcare companies rely on Ushur's omnichannel Customer Experience Automation™ Platform to support member and patient self-service for orders, reorders product education, surveys and more. This enables convenient patient order self-service via their channel of choice without having to remember their login to a website portal or app, or having to wait on hold with a call center.

In this scenario, a DME supplier is reaching out to a customer to remind them that they need to reorder their supplies. Reorder engagements commonly start with an SMS message. These messages may also be triggered via a phone system IVR when members or patients are calling in. Personalization data like the patient name is pulled from client systems like a CRM. The message is branded to their DME supplier for familiarity.

The secure link shown below the text message leads to Ushur's Invisible App where PHI and other information and documentation may be exchanged securely. The link and the Invisible App experience are branded for our clients for member and patient familiarity purposes. No app download is required and no information exchanged during the interaction is stored on the user's phone. During this engagement data may be exchanged two-way between front and back-end systems. This demonstration starts with two-factor authentication. The authentication process is customizable to fit client protocols and processes. The member or patient will now see a personalized message related to reordering the product they most recently ordered. They may also start an order for another product.

Again, this is all customizable to fit the journey and interaction each client wants to support. For this demonstration we will choose the option to reorder the catheter supplies ordered last time. The screen prompt confirms the product to be reordered and the patient confirms by simply clicking the next button.

Next, the Ushur will allow the patient to select the address they'd like their order shipped to using the map functionality on their smartphone. In this scenario, they choose their home address. Other smartphone capabilities such as calendar, date selection, picture taking and document upload may also be utilized within the Ushur engagements. The next screen pulls the patient insurance coverage and co-payment amount and allows them to confirm that this is still their health insurance coverage. If it's not, they may update the information at this point from within the Ushur. They may even take a picture of their insurance ID card and, if needed, verify new coverage. Ushur's built-in OCR capabilities can scan the card and pull in needed information automatically. For this demo the patient selects the yes button since this is their correct insurance information. At this point the patient may choose to pay their copayment via the card on file or enter another payment option by typing in the needed information by either taking a picture of another credit card or entering ACH information. All of the information captured may be seamlessly fed into the client payment processing and order and fulfillment systems. At this point the order is complete and the patient is assured that they will be updated when their order ships.

The demo scenario picks up when this patient's order is shipped and an SMS message is sent to notify him. Once the order is shipped another SMS message is sent to alert the patient of this update. We can also provide the shipper name and shipment tracking number at this point if it's available in the client back-end systems.

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