Triage Customer Emails at Scale with Artificial Intelligence

AI-powered email solution to extract document-based data, classify emails, and route emails from a shared inbox to the right teams while delivering customer satisfaction and operations cost efficiencies for use cases like:
  • Automated email routing and replies for sales and customer service
  • Automated request-for-proposal (RFP) processing
  • Census file data extraction, and automatic correction and validation
Scan and classify email intent
Route email to the correct inbox
Triage 100,000+ emails in seconds


Reduce response times to seconds with 24/7/365 email automation


Natural language understanding (NLU) identifies customer intent and routes emails accordingly


Eliminate email backlog and free up agents to focus on high-value, high-touch engagements


Integrate with CRM systems to pull relevant data from email and input directly to backend systems

What is SmartMail™?

Reduce Response Times for Customers While Boosting Resolution with Email Automation

Cloud-native with AI at the core: SmartMail processes millions of incoming emails, classifies them, and auto-responds based on business rules.
Ushur’s state-of-the-art Natural Language Processing (NLP) modernizes your email channel–understanding customer intent to triage requests and automate downstream knowledge work. Email processing is reduced from hours to seconds while liberating knowledge workers to focus on higher-value tasks.
Eliminate your backlog instantly. Give your agents time back to prioritize high-value, high-touch engagements–showing your customers how much you really care.

How SmartMail works

Scan & Classify
Scan and Classify
Scan each email’s content and classify correspondence based on predetermined categories
Route & Respond
Route each email to the appropriate internal team based on body and attachments
Integrate & Update
Integrate with your CRM to pull relevant data from email and input directly to backend systems


The Power of Email for a Rewarding Customer Experience

Enterprises must meet customer demand for quality experiences by being easy to work with, and email is a key pillar supporting that strategy. This eBook guides business leaders through the benefits of designing a customer experience inclusive of email as a channel. Discover why nearly 80% of people communicate with their service providers via email and how insurance, healthcare, and financial services organizations can benefit from further evolving email as a channel.
  • 79% of companies declare email was important to their success in 2020
  • Email is 40x more effective for customer acquisition than Facebook or Twitter
  • Companies with strong omnichannel engagement strategies retain on average 89% of customers, compared to 33% for companies with weaker omnichannel offerings
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Power of Email: SmartMail eBook images

SmartMail Use Cases

Email intent analysis & classification

Help customers get to the employees and departments that they intend

Email triage &

AI saves time and hassle when short-staffed

Auto-respond to standard queries

Assure customers who email that they're being helped

Email quote intake & response

Automate quote requests shared over Excel and PDF files

Complete forms &

Help customers fill out surveys and forms shared via email

Create service

Automate the ticket creation process with information from emails

Capture missing

Request data missing from emails and forms


Add automation to emails like sending notifications to stakeholders

A Smartmail Customer Story

AskUnum Cuts Customer Support Turnaround Time by 77%, achieving 83% Customer Satisfaction

saved annually
reduction in service request backlog
Unum created AskUnum in 2012 to provide customer support for its plan administrators, brokers, and office representatives. However, spam and junk mail slowed down the team's ability to answer questions.

Learn how Ushur SmartMail™ solved this problem, improving turnaround time and freeing up customer-service reps to focus on higher-value tasks.
AskUnum Story
Ushur has been fantastic. I would 150% recommend them. I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the team, the technology, and the ease of doing business.
Jenn Bracken Profile
Jenn BrackenDirector of the Customer Experience Service CenterUnum

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Analytics and Integrations

With our powerful analytics tools and dashboards built right into the platform, you can easily measure KPI at company, campaign or individual interaction level.

Ushur integrations, like Salesforce, ServiceNow, Jira Service Desk, and Slack, enable enterprises to address customers in real-time, while freeing agents from mundane administrative tasks. Reap the benefits of automated, timely, and accurate data entry with your existing commercial and home-grown backend systems.

By boosting data entry and integrity through Ushur’s Salesforce-certified integrations, keep your information complete, secure, and up-to-date.
SmartMail integrations

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