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Ushur’s perspective on Gartner’s Applying AI to Care Management Research

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Sharon Liu

Senior PMM

Thank you to Amanda Dall’Occhio, Healthcare Sr. Director Analyst at Gartner, for shedding light on the myriad of ways in which AI can enhance care management in: U.S. Payer and Provider CIOs: Apply AI in Care Management Programs. We agree that opportunities are prevalent throughout the value chain for both internal and external tasks. A thoughtful, intentional approach to AI is key, which was underscored insightfully with your guidance on weighing the value-add against potential risks. We appreciate your nod to Ushur as a sample vendor driving progress in this space.

At Ushur, our objective is to elevate member engagement and streamline care navigation through AI-powered digital experiences. This includes:

  • Automating context-dependent member and patient outreach to increase engagement.
  • Aiding with insurance checks, appointment scheduling, pre- and post-operative care.
  • Recommending personalized next steps for effective service utilization.

Ushur’s platform supports enterprise-class security and compliance, ensuring a smooth Infosec process for data privacy and handling. Our No-Code Integrations connect critical systems and channels for end-to-end workflows. For greater precision and time-to-value, our Healthcare solution comes pre-trained with language and document intelligence for industry-specific skills.

Providing a convenient, empathetic and flexible experience makes all the difference during member and patient times of need. At Ushur, we strive to make all self-service proactive, personalized, and seamlessly integrated into the fabric of daily life.

For more information on how to leverage AI for Healthcare customer experiences, please visit:

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