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No Customer Conversation Left Behind What is the Silent Listener capability?

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The promise of the new era of digital communications lies in reducing customers' queries, increasing their satisfaction, and all before they ask. In fact, when customers reach out to a company, they expect a customized and responsive experience that answers their questions with minimal effort. When customers are unable to get timely and relevant outcomes, their satisfaction drops. Ushur’s Silent Listener makes sure no customer conversation gets left behind.

The often disliked, static Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems of the past are making way for new, more effective, and more customer-centric ways of relaying information to inquiring customers. As more customers move towards quicker interaction, they are using self-service avenues to contact companies.

In many cases, the best way to deliver a satisfactory customer experience is by preemptively automating outbound notifications via SMS. Ushur customers have reduced inbound calls more than 30% and, in the process, improved CSAT by proactively sending status updates on matters in progress, like a claim. This automation of customer engagement addresses the high-volume of inbound calls and emails that deluge your employees and increase customer wait times. Proactivity is not difficult to introduce and it’s a clear win-win for you and your customers.

The often disliked, static Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems of the past are making easy for new, more effective and more customer-centric ways of relaying information to inquiring customers.

Unfortunately, when customer questions aren’t straightforward, traditional solutions tend to be rigid and frustrate customer communication by either using one-way emails; like the standard [email protected], or an unmonitored texting address that forces the customer into a black hole of transferred calls.

If a customer has a question, a complaint, or even a compliment, it’s only reasonable that they will want to communicate that idea by simply replying to the most recent notification that they received from their carrier. No matter if their reply is a quick, “Thanks!” or something where you need to actually take action – your automation platform has to make sure you always know what the customer said and rapidly route for that response for the right next step.

Ushur enables you to proactively reach out to a customer via a specific channel like SMS. Even when it’s a notification for which you aren’t expecting a response, our Customer Experience Automation™ platform allows the customer to respond through their channel of choice, and ensures you capture the feedback. For example, you may proactively reach out via text asking for missing information only to receive a response asking, “Why do you need this?" Thanks to Ushur’s ability to understand intent in text, we capture that response and can reach back to them in the channel of their choice; either with another text with further directions or an email or even a call.

Any Insurance Carrier Notification Could Be the Start of a Customer Conversation

A notification can, and often is, only the beginning of an omni-channel customer conversation. In addition, the assumption that proactive notifications wholly eliminate the need for the human touch is inaccurate and misleading. Instead, it’s reasonable to ask how and when that dialogue should be automated as compared to when it should be diverted to an employee.

To refine the automation process, anticipate your customer’s questions through proactive communication. Ushur has incorporated Conversational AI and advanced machine learning (ML) into its workflow automation capabilities. ML lets Ushur workflows understand each customer conversation, whether that is a voice call with an employee or a text, WhatsApp chat or email message. Additionally, Ushur's Silent Listener capability ensures a carrier will never leave a customer conversation behind.

From Walk to Jog to Run

As with any transformation, particularly a digital one, Ushur encourages an interactive approach that leads to increased functionality over time.


At the first stage of the process, Ushur’s Silent Listener will be actively waiting for any customer replies using our platform. If a customer reply has no automated response, Ushur triggers a friendly acknowledgement. The acknowledgement is something along the lines of “Thank you! We will review your question.”

Behind the scenes, with the assistance of Ushur’s no-code builder, you can automate a simple service recovery process to escalate each customer reply to the right team in a timely and effective manner. Customer responses can then be reviewed and addressed by the appropriate person. And all of the customer interactions are clearly visible to your teams, enabling them to take the best action.


At this second stage, you begin tapping into the power of Ushur’s proprietary AI capabilities. First, Ushur’s platform uses sentiment analysis to categorize customer responses. At that point, the responses are intuitively categorized into two groups; one group that requires an action from a representative and one group that requires no reply other than a simple thank you message.

Then, each automated acknowledgement can be appropriately worded and routed. Customer responses that need action are sent to the appropriate individual or department to be reviewed and addressed. Simple responses are sent to the customer promptly.


In this final and most robust stage, you unleash the full power of Ushur’s Conversational AI and ML capabilities. The process is similar, except that Ushur’s platform now further refines the customer response classifications and then devises meaningful, automated responses using SMS or email. For example, regardless of the context of the original notification you sent, that began this conversation,

  • Does a customer have a new claim to report?
  • Do they need to request a change to their policy?
  • Do they want to enroll in direct deposit to pay their bill?

Ushur’s reply via SMS or email then guides them through a tailored customer experience using the secure Invisible App™ and facilitates a successful outcome from that interaction, or what we call a Micro-Engagement™.

Engage Your Customers Where They Are

Engage with your customers where they want to speak to you instead of opening unmonitored channels that lead to customer disappointment and frustration. Let Ushur's Silent Listener capability intuitively and automatically process those messages and ensure each one is resolved for the best customer experience. Ushur’s platform understands the customer responses it receives. The analytics and reporting capabilities within our platform provide visibility and reveal new areas of automation to provide customer value.

You can exceed your customers expectations by not only answering their questions before they are asked, but including automating the understanding of their replies, as part of your digital transformation. By leveraging Ushur your customer experience will improve, you will increase CSAT, and grow your customer loyalty. All the while, you will decrease your inbound volume and improve your operational efficiency. Finally, the deflection of calls to an intuitive, conversational AI solution, strengthens your employee engagement and frees your workforce to delight the customer at multiple levels.

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