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Transform Your Support Operations with Helpdesk Automation

Use Ushur’s intelligent automation platform for simplified service desk automation that improves resolution rates and delights your internal customers
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Comprehensive Customer Support Automation

Ushur provides comprehensive service desk automation software for enterprises in retail, insurance, technology, logistics, and transportation to reduce overall IT support costs and delight your internal customers. Powered by conversational AI with intelligent process automation, the Ushur platform provides the service desk automation tools critical to IT Service Desk, HR Service Desk, and Customer Support operations.

Transform your customer support operations with HR and IT service desk automation that lowers repeat calls and emails, and accelerates incident closure time, approvals, and resolutions. Off-the-shelf and customizable integrations with ServiceNow, Salesforce and Atlassian service desk offer a flexible ecosystem for automating routine service requests so that your IT Service Desk reps can focus on their customer relationships. With our service desk automation solution, customers get resolutions to their tickets faster and at a lower cost to the enterprise.
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Transform your service desk with Conversational AI

Everything you need to know to make your service desk experience seamless and mobile with Ushur's AI-powered integrations into your Service Desk Applications.
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  • Ushur for service desk automation solution
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Conversational AI for Helpdesk Automation

Why Ushur for Helpdesk Automation

The ticket problem for helpdesk operations

As your business grows, your helpdesk agents often struggle to stay on top of their support tickets, leading to poor service desk resolution rates. Delayed updates and inaccurate information can cause headaches for customers, technicians, and fellow agents alike, and current helpdesk triage tools fall short of today’s changing needs.

The ticket solution for helpdesk operations

Thanks to Ushur's AI-powered Customer Experience Automation™ Platform and ability to integrate into HR and IT ticketing systems like ServiceNow and Atlassian, your internal customers, agents, and technical staff can create, update, resolve and modify ticket assignments using helpdesk automated responses—without the need for phone calls or voicemails.

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