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Customer Experience Automation Focuses on the Customer

Published: Monday, Apr 11, 2022

Why is customer satisfaction the most important metric to keep in mind when evaluating and designing automation solutions? To explore that question and more, Ushur invites Maureen Flemming, Program Vice President, Intelligent Process Automation at IDC to break down the current market for Customer Experience Automation.

Renowned for their ability to collect data and share valuable insights, IDC’s latest research has made it clear that enterprises this year are prioritizing modernization efforts to drive customer satisfaction (CSAT), and are focusing less on the internal automation that a customer never sees.

Customer satisfaction is now an essential guiding metric for automation. Enterprises have been investing in automation for back-office and front-end applications for years—yet customers continue to demand more digital and intuitive experiences. Some businesses approach this by adding more features to their mobile applications. Others have responded by implementing IVR systems. But what automation strategy truly yields the greatest benefit?

Solutions that focus on the customer and not the application have the greatest chance to turn into successful, scalable modernization initiatives. Businesses that provide effective self-service options see increases in customer satisfaction, as well as reductions in costs and operations strain. If a business only focuses on the internal processes that are easiest and fastest to automate, they will still have to divert time, money, and manpower to the pain points that cause friction in the customer journey and decrease satisfaction every day.

Ushur is very excited to host Maureen Flemming for this fireside chat on using AI and automation to “Focus on the Customer, not the Application'' to show how frictionless customer experiences and end-to-end automation go hand-in-hand. From conversations to core system updates, Customer Experience Automation (CXA) is changing the way businesses engage with their customers. CXA empowers enterprises to communicate both proactively and responsively while overlaying core systems with a no-code approach to adapt quickly to evolving consumer preferences. Implementing CXA future-proofs the enterprise strategy for every customer journey, modernizing communication across all channels. More significantly, there’s no rip and replace or coding involved.

If you are a business looking for a competitive edge in acquiring and retaining customers, this webinar with IDC is a must-attend. Don’t miss the chance to ask Intelligent Process Automation analyst, Maureen Fleming, burning questions about your automation strategy. Register here and see you there!

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